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    PMS-Finasteride v. Finasteride

    My pharmacist has typically given me Finasteride (last 2 years) but recently told me that they now have a new generic "PMS-Finasteride"

    I've tried to google it but could not find anything; could someone please explain the difference? Is there another active ingredient in the PMS-Finasteride? Is one better than the other?

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    Re: PMS-Finasteride v. Finasteride

    Are you in Canada? PMS-Finasteride is made by a company I believe based out of Montreal called Pharmascience. I get my Finasteride from Costco and that's the generic brand they sell. It's 100% legit, i've been on it for nearly a year with no problems and some great results. If you are outside of Canada there is a chance they may sell to other countires, but i'm not sure.

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    Re: PMS-Finasteride v. Finasteride

    Thanks for the answer. I am in Canada and getting the pills from Pharmaprix/Shopper. I take it then that the PMS is just branding and no difference in the active ingredients.


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