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Thread: wig cut?

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    wig cut?

    This is my first-ever post. I started losing my hair at the age of 13...tried many things but now in my mid 30's I have very little hair on the top of my head. I take antiseizure meds that made it worse.

    I went to NYC to visit some custom wig makers. It was a gift from my parents but was extremely expensive. I now have a beautiful human hair wig but the style does not really suit my personality (too long, conservative).

    I have been searching for a stylist who would style the wig (very carefully!) but I've had no luck. I don't know where else to look. Has anyone had this problem (and found a solution) before?

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    I do not have this experience,but i saw many wig styles are doing part time job on craglist,you might check there.

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