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    PRP/Acell treatment

    I have just heard there is a new version of PRP being offered but this one also included something called Acell. Apparently the procedure is the same as the old PRP with them taking blood from your arm, getting the PRP from it and injecting it in your scalp, but they also use something called Acell too.

    Just wondering if anybody had any more information on it, or even better has had it done and has results to show.


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    Re: PRP/Acell treatment

    the evidence of prp working is very weak
    the only people who believe it works are the same people who are selling the treatment

    more reputable doctors have called it out for what it really is.....a snake oil
    there is a reason we do clinical trials

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    Re: PRP/Acell treatment

    sorry to bring this up, but are you people sure that this treatment is completely useless?? Didn't they claim that the places where they inject this stuff, the follicles there become immune and resistant to balding?
    If you're NW6, then yeah, this isn't for you. But if you just started to lose hair, this would stop it.

    I swear, out of the big three hair loss forums, this one is the most negative

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    Re: PRP/Acell treatment

    Acell is BS, a scam, a joke, nothing more. They have no proof of concept and trick people into believing their treatment will work. There is a video on youtube where some guy has had Acell injections and a hair transplant. He looks completely unconvinced at the result despite the best efforts of the doctor to convince him otherwise.

    I don't have the link but have a search for it.
    Is gazza gonna have a crack...? ..he is you know.. ..ohhh I say!!!

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