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    The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!


    I read a post today on this site about using the power of the mind to grow back hair. I wanted to start a topic on this and state why this will not work for 99% of people here.

    Ok first off regrowing your hair with your mind is 100% fully possible no doubt. I have done amazing things with the LOA and it works im certain. Now why can't people grow a full head of hair if this works?

    The answer is pretty simply actually. First off you always see your hair receding and looking bad. If you keep looking in the mirror and seeing your hair getting worse then surely you will believe that you are going bald.

    See thats the problem. In order to actually halt or even reverse your hairloss you got to believe in it. However you are always constantly reminded that you are losing your hair. Therefore that reality is always greater then what you want your hair to be.

    So how do you use the law of attraction to regrow your hair?

    Well in all honesty if you have no experience with the LOA you are most likely going to struggle with this. In order to truly believe you can regrow your hait you need to prove that the LOA works. I suggest that before you even consider using the LOA for your hair to do small experiments like getting someone to give you a dollar etc. Perhaps visualize a common object coming to you. From there work your way up to bigger objects.

    Now is it possible to reverse hairloss with your mind alone? certain it is. I have had way too much success myself with the LOA to not believe this. I have manifested many things out of thin air that just come to me.

    Without going into a huge ramble im going to quickly run down how to use the LOA the right way:

    1. Visualize right before bed. Make sure you visualize in first person and involve all of your senses. Feel your thick hair, see yourself looking into the mirror at the thick head of hair you have. Do this while listening to music that inspires you and gets you into a strong positive emotional state. Do this for 10 minutes each night while drifting off to sleep.

    2. Wake up the next day and realize you just took a step towards having a thick head of hair. Now write down in a book something along the lines of " I have a thick head of hair that is getting thicker and thicker. I amd so grateful for this!" Perhaps write this phrase once per day and read it when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed.

    3. This part is perhaps the most important. Don't feel like it's not working when you look in the mirror and see things are the same or even worse. Because during the first few days to even months you might not see much improvement. Just realize this can potentially take time but have total faith.

    4. Believe your hair is getting thicker as a result to your efforts. Expect your hair to be thick and know it. This is the hardest part and one of the most important. You got to know your hair is getting thicker like you know that you have a dentist appointment a week from now. When you have a dentist appointment you are not always constantly checking to see if your still going to have it or not. You know and you forget about it until the day it comes to go there. This is very hard to do when you dont truely believe in the LOA. this is the big reason why 99% of people fail with the LOA.

    I dont want to go into any more details but my advice is to check out a forum called powerful intentions and read books. You can read "the power of the sub concious mind" by Joe Murphy. Also check out "think and grow rich", "the intention experiment" and books like these.

    Do I believe I can manifest anything? No, simply because my limiting beliefs prevent me from doing so. I do not believe I can get a million dollars within one month. I just it will not happen. But do I believe a stranger can offer me $1 for no apparent reason? Yes...I have already made that happen. The key is to expect and don't look for your manifestations. Work towards it and just believe. It will come to you!

    I have made dozens of small things like the above happen to me. The woman actually just gave me a dollar at mcdonalds and said I should buy some cookies. She tapped me on the shoulder and said you saw me looking at the cookies and I could have a dollar. Things like that just come to me when properly using the LOA. I will not say too much more and honestly I will not be posting here again most likely.

    Now im sure people are going to ask "do you have hair?" Yes...I would say im about a norwood 2.5 and im 28 years old. Have I used the power of my mind to reverse balding? Hmm.......I have put little effort into it but have slowed things down to where I have been a NW 2 since about 23 years old. Now recently I have started to notice perhaps things moving along quicker which is why im back here. Im not worried though because im dealing with it at a much stronger level now. Anyways I hope this post helps some people to take a look at the LOA. I suggest read the books above and there are quite a few others that are good too.

    I know people will say im crazy and thats fine. Yes im not the best writer either and I know this post is full of errors. Anyways I myself am only getting better at all of this. Good luck to those few who "investigate more" after reading this!

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    Re: The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!

    I used the LOA to grow my dick the problem is it's now so big that it hangs out of my pants and gets scraped on the ground, ouch! But the LOA works take it from me!

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    Re: The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!

    I agree, it's much more indepth and takes faith and practice to manifest things contrary to mainstream "get rich quick" presentations like "The Secret". But your gonna get nothing but snarky comments and "this is bs" on this forum.

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    Re: The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!

    how do u know its because we look at our hair too much for it to work?
    how do u know it just doesn't work?

    how can thinking about something alter ur hormonal profile, and block an enzyme, and gene expression of that enzyme?

    R u saying a blind person could easily regrow hair?

    If wat u say is true then blind people (from birth) should never even lose theyre hair in the first place!

    i want to believe u, but i just can't take u seriously im sorry.

    provide some proof!

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    Re: The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!

    interesting post, and the OP is certainly correct in that what we think about and how we think about it has physical effects in our neurochemistry and physiology as a result of that. i am absolutely certain we can alter gene expression to some extent.

    however the thing is, obviously we are all balding against our will and the process started without us being worried about it at some point.

    so the genetic predisposition is just infinitely stronger than any positive mindset could ever be (for us baldies).

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    Re: The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!

    Exactly. My life was amazing before i started losing my hair. I didn't have too many negative emotions etc. ( Yes i shouldn't let just hairloss ruin my life but it's hard) I guess it dosn't matter how happy one is, or how much he beleives his hair is growing back. The power of the mind won't stop DHT ravaging your hair folicles.

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    Re: The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!

    LOA does work, I tried it when the bills came. I just threw them in the garbage and Whola, there gone!

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    Re: The Law Of Attraction To Grow Back Hair!


    im not suggesting that "if you do not think about balding you will not go bald." If you already have the balding gene then you are going to go bald unless you do something about that. It's just like when people get cancer and some people claim to heal it with the mind. They got cancer and the only cure for them was to "visualize the cancer gone."

    So yes people going bald are certainly "programmed to go bald" no matter what they think in the beginning. Im saying that you can certainly maintain your hair and even grow it back with your mind.

    Im not sure if anyone here has ever experienced a Lucid Dream or not. In a lucid dream you are totally aware that it's a dream and it is just like right now. Everything is perfectly real but the difference is you can change things in the dream world.

    If you have never experienced a lucid dream then you might not know what im talking about. But basically a lucid dream is just like right now except for it's a dream. Thats how real these are! When you realize your having a lucid dream you can do anything.

    Now what's interesting about a lucid dream is that anything that you imagine and believe will manifest in the dream. It's truly a crazy experience once you do it! However if you do not "believe you can manifest something" then you cannot do it.

    I have lucid dreams every few months naturally. But I went through a stage where I would induce lucid dreams just for fun. It takes a good deal of practice to do this and frankly it's a pain so I quit. But during this time I did quite a few experiments in the dream world.

    When I first had a lucid dream I wanted to fly but could not. So I started jumping in my dream and started being able to jump higher. I quickly realized based on what I believed I could do in the dream would would determine what I could actually do. So long story short by the end of my lucid dreaming experience I could fly and much more. One dream session I changed half the dream world into a jungle.

    In the dream world you see things manifest instantly! I realize now that the same laws apply to the real world too. Things just tend to manifest slower here. Im not the only one with this viewpoint as you can read countless books about this.

    Anyways I don't know exactly why "believing and seeing the end result" works really. I don't think anyone fully understand why it works but you can read about this "secret" in all sorts of books from successful people like Napolean Hill.

    The poster above asked about the blind guy manifesting thick hair. Well seeing your hair thin will hurt your chances simply because it reinforces that you have thin hair. You might visualize in your mind that you have thick hair but when you look in the mirror and see thin hair you automatically think "oh well my hairs still thin."

    If you can look at your thin hair and simply know that it being thin right now means nothing then looking at your then hair will not hurt your results. But 99% of people cannot have this sort of belief.

    Pyro, you were born with the "balding gene." You said now your life is miserable since you are going bald. Well if you don't change your attitude you will never grow back your hair with your mind. Because if you truly believed your mind could grow back your hair you would not be sad about being bald. This is the reason why so many people fail with this because they don't believe. If you truly believed you could have your hair back within a few months you would not be sad right now. You would be excited and just realize your condition is being cured.

    Hope this makes sense

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