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    Baldness making it hard to find work

    My son has Alopecia Universalis. He has just graduated high school and is looking for his first job. His hair started falling out when he was about 7. He has never worn a wig and only wore a cap for maybe a year or so. After that, he has just gone bald everywhere he goes. He seems to be proud ofvwho he is and has lots of friends. He is very outgoing and funny and everybody loves him.

    He is, however, having a hard time finding a job. He is starting to think that maybe it is due to the fact that the baldness makes him look so different. I am wondering if the prospective employers think he might be sick. Have any of you had similar experiences? Any suggestions? I was thinking that maybe he should tell them right out that he is not sick and explain the condition. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Baldness making it hard to find work

    It shouldn;'t matter if you are bald. its whether he can do the job...Unless the employer are cows..... or the feel they might get the condition. But personally I went in with my wig then later told my boss I had it. She was fine with it as long as I dressed accordingly and did my job.

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    Re: Baldness making it hard to find work

    While I think that employers have no right to pass judgement beyond their knowledge, I have been a victim of what your son is going through. I was at the end of my tether and then looked into non-surgical hair replacement. This is different to a wig as it is fixed to the head, but not as drastic as a transplant as it uses no surgery and is removable.
    I am delighted with the results and would be happy to discuss.

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    Re: Baldness making it hard to find work

    In the professionalism it is not important and i am sure that your son will got his first job very soon. When a company found good knowledge and intelligence in your son then definitely they will offered him a good job.

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    Hi laurelinterprets, I don't think you should perceive your son's dermatological condition as the main reason why he cannot find a job. Generally even for people who are fit and well with good education backgrounds have trouble in regards to this. Many graduate from colleges and unis with excellent grades only to find themselves jobless and struggling. Perhaps what you can do is that whenever he goes job-hunting, to avoid suspicion from employers, he should always bring along a doctor's medical report or letter which could be obtained from his doctor to prove that he is physically very healthy. This report/letter should be accompanied by his resume. I'm pretty sure it'll work out just fine for him Trust me, I have AU and I'm a female and at the peak of my life (20's), imagine the sort of emotional distress I have gone through the last 2 years. All the best for your son!

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