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    Do you have Trichotillomania? Ask your questions, exchange information on treatments, and share your experiences here.

    For more information on Trichotillomania, please visit our Guide to the Alopecia's here on


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    what the hell is Trichotillomania

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    Bump it up! :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wezz
    what the hell is Trichotillomania

    The name of a psychological condition which results in an obsession with plucking or pulling on one's own body or scalp hair. There are several problems that can result from this activity, and the psychology behind it can be confusing. Commonly treatable in children, adults with this condition rarely recover. ... omania.htm
    1mg Finasteride/day
    5% minox 2x/day
    Tricomin 1x/day
    Nizoral 2-3x/week
    Salon quality shampoos and conditioners

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    Can u get Trichotillomania from constantly tugging your scrotum hair?

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    Seriously, I know a girl who plucks her hair. She always wears a hat. She's actually very attractive except when she takes off her hat and you see all her bald spots.

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    i've been getting this a bit lately - my frontal region is gettin quite thin (maybe the sheds, maybe not) and when i'm not thinking suddenly my hand is up there, rubbing away at the little stubbly hairs, pulling at the longer hairs.... i just started doing it now when i stopped typing for a second!!

    i was sat on the train doing it today, i bet I looked mental..

    anyone know how to stop? i have done this five or six times while putting up this post

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    Trichotillomaniacs are all bastards! How DARE you pomp the fact that you have so much hair you can just pull it out!
    Feh. Can I have yours?

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