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    I am the bald grrrl

    Hello everyone,

    I've had alopecia for 24 years. It has come and gone over the years, but now it is just gone COMPLETELY.

    I blog about it here:

    There are pictures and videos to accompany my thoughts on living with alopecia.

    I am currently relying on psychotherapy as a treatment for this heinous condition. My therapist tells me I need a role model and feels the LGBT community is a good place to look.

    I'm not a lesbian, but I often feel like a drag queen (sans the boy parts).

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this subject -- and please try to read my blog.


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    Re: I am the bald grrrl

    For all the despair men go through with what is a common, natural process.. it has to be much harder for a woman. I commend you for being able to blog about it and give other women a place to find comfort and relate. Keep your head up.

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    Re: I am the bald grrrl

    Hi dina,

    I'm training in counselling psychology at present

    you did not mention what you are doing regarding your alopecia? are you using wigs, scarves etc to cover up or not covering up?

    you should never have to feel like a drag queen! and ironically, most drag queens wuill tell you, they feel great!!

    Female hair loss sufferer since 1996 (androgenetic alopecia). Tried practically everything on market to treat and camouflage. Want to share my knowledge so you donít make the same expensive mistakes!

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    Re: I am the bald grrrl

    I read your post and you did mention that you are suffering from last 24 years.I will suggest you that you must consult with a quality surgeon.The other any remedy will be useful for you.
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