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    ItsARecession's Story - (22)

    About six months ago, around my 21st birthday, I noticed my hair receding hard, out of nowhere. I hoped it was just stress related, cause I knew nothing about baldness at the time.....but it kept happening. Eventually I saw a doctor who told me it was a serious case of MPB.

    I'm only now considering that I really will want to get back into dating at some point in the future...but I feel like I have a time limit to find someone. I'm going bald, fast. This recession happened in just over a year and a half.

    I know this sounds incredibly shallow in light of the more serious things that happened, it's just that as I'm slowly coming around to the idea that I'm going to have to date again at some point, I'm also just losing all my confidence, which is awful timing what with the depression and all.

    So I'm here in desperation, hitting up the big three. I just want something to go right for a change, so never know. It could happen.

    Trying not to sit here in self pity, doing something about it. Just bad timing. Any advice anyone has, I would love.

    Nizoral, Proscar, Rogaine. Here's hoping!
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    Re: It's A Recession - My story.

    I've seen the term "hairline rape" being tossed around, and I think that definitely applies here.

    Anyone think any of the products I'm on will actually do anything, based on my pictures? I know hairline is the toughest to get back, so right now, I'm just looking to maintain what I have. Getting some back would be nice, but that's like a far off dream at the moment.

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    Re: It's A Recession - My story.

    hello mate, sorry about your situation but I'm going to put a positive spin on the hair side of things anyway and say that it's at a very early stage, look at some of the other people on here and you're in a good position because you've started this early and that gives you a massive boost in your chances of fighting this.

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    Re: It's A Recession - My story.

    Thanks man! I'm actually really glad to hear that.

    I'll post updates as this goes on.

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    Re: It's A Recession - My story.

    dude I hear you, but I can assure you that you have a great chance of reinforcing your hairline and keep it that way for atleast a good couple of years. I had the same thing going on two years ago, I saw my whole hairline thin out and my temples starting to recede. I jumped on fin and rogaine and today my hairline is back to normal, looking great.

    It will probably start to go downhill again in like 5 years but its better to go bald at nearly 30 than 20, right? And when youre 30 you can always go down the transplant road!

    Best of luck to you man and Im sure you will soon (3 months) see tiny new hairs along your hairline! Rogaine is the ****

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    Re: ItsARecession's Story - (22)

    I'm glad to hear it! and yeah man, all I'm asking is for a couple more years, 30 is better than 20 any day. It's great knowing it worked so well for you too, hearing a success story is always better than negativity.

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    Re: ItsARecession's Story - (22)

    Alright so I know 3 months in of taking minox is a bit early to post anything, but I'm just lookin for some opinion on what feels like a pretty hefty recent shed. so I thought I'd post a little update pic.

    In my opinion, it's thinning pretty hard, especially towards the middle of my head. After 3 months, does Rogaine usually start working? I expected a shed, I'm just hoping this is usual. Not gonna panic, or stop, cause I know most results are achieved on a 1/2 yearly scale, not month by month.

    Any and all thoughts appreciated!
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    Re: ItsARecession's Story - (22)

    Impossible to tell from that photo but it looks like hair that you do have is as thick as hell!

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    Re: ItsARecession's Story - (22)

    Hey man, me and you have a pretty similar hairline recession. Keep us updated on how well the proscar works out for you and if you get any of the side effects associated with finasteride. Best of luck.

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    Re: ItsARecession's Story - (22)

    Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I used to have very thick hair. It's thinning out quite a bit though. When it's wet you can see my scalp on the left and right sides of my head very clearly, all the way back past my ears.

    I also have a super weak chin so I can't rock the bald look.

    RF: In terms of side effects, I've had 0 sides from either Minox or Finasteride so far. I'm on my fourth bottle of minox and have been on Fin since I believe March so...things look good on that front!

    Here's a quick look at the side hairline now. Left is 8 months ago, Right is today.

    I'm lucky in that I dont have any loss in my crown area, but all the recession you see there has taken place in the last two years. That's why I'm worried, hopefully the minox will begin to come through a bit soon.

    ps. sorry for the black circles, I like to keep some mistaken hope of internet privacy where I can haha
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