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    Re: Patrick Stump (Fallout Boy)

    Man that song/performance is really cringeworthy.

    Couldn't spot it as a wig myself, but compared to that mugshot photo it looks like his hair has drastically improved, but then it also does in the photo which is clearly not a wig or why the bald spot...

    Maybe he's on the big 3

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    Re: Patrick Stump (Fallout Boy)

    i thought it was a pretty good frontal HT? thatd explain him still having the bald spot at least?
    but yeah i don't know anything much about HTs or systems.
    nizoral 2%, every few days. been using it since early '10.
    1/4 of a fincar, every day. started 29/12/10
    rogaine foam, twice daily, started 13/08/12
    .5mg dutasteride, twice weekly, started 21/02/13

    wish me luck!

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    Re: Patrick Stump (Fallout Boy)

    Yep, no doubt about it. Power to him though I say.
    What did you just call me? Say my name!

    Tyler Durden, Tyler Durden, you ****ing freak!

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    Re: Patrick Stump (Fallout Boy)

    I actually think the mugshot (from mid-2009) is post-hair transplant and the new folicles were still growing properly.

    This image is from 2007

    Who knew he was such a good looking lad? Probaly could have worn a bald head pretty well.

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