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Thread: New to Rogaine

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    New to Rogaine

    I've been using 2% about a week. How much shedding should I expect and when? (I think it's started...) How long will it last? I'm very nervous!

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    Re: New to Rogaine

    hi there

    there were some studies doen a while ago in Germany.

    their test subjects showed an increase in shedding loss of hair density in the first 3 months of minoxidil use compared to control test subjects who did not receive treatment.

    By the 6 month stage the test subjects had regrown the lost hair and had increased hair density compared to start of treatment

    By 12 months their hair density was much improved and the diameter of the hair fibers was thicker than at the start of treatment and as compared to control test subjects who did not receive treatment

    obviously individual response will be varied but I think the advice here is to keep at it, even if at first you seem to be losing even more hair

    Female hair loss sufferer since 1996 (androgenetic alopecia). Tried practically everything on market to treat and camouflage. Want to share my knowledge so you donít make the same expensive mistakes!

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