I am *bianca di angelo (not my real name), female, 21 y.o residing in the Philippines and started having hair loss at the age of 21. This just started last December 2010 wherein I started noticing hair loss (not the usual number of hair loss everyday) I thought it was because of my shampoo so I switch to a new brand of shampoo. But it never stopped and worst had happened. Last January I noticed a great number of hair loss and it never stopped so I consulted a dermatologist and was diagnosed with telogen effluvium then with alopecia areata and later on with alopecia universalis. I've undergone series of loab. tests such as ANA test, thyroid function test, blood chem. and scalp biopsy and was normal except for my eosinophils which is high. So my dermatologist prescribed me with Prednisone ( corticosteroids) for a month but still I had hair loss. She also prescribed me with matrix 5000 ( vitamins), Sesa Oil (to be applied on my scalp at night), anti histamine ( for a week), and later with Minoxidil and we started DCP after I was diagnosed with alopecia universalis. The hair loss had stopped but I started losing my eyebrows, eye lashes, facial hairs and body hairs. Sometimes, I think it is great to lose these unwanted hairs but I am most worried was my eyelashes, eyebrows and nasal hairs because I just lose my protective mechanism against bacteria. As of now, I am wearing a wig when in school or going outside. It's so difficult knowing that I had this rare disease at this young age and for a female like me. I don't have a boyfriend ever since I was born haha so I'm worried that no one would ever like me because of my current condition and appearance. My body image was totally disturbed. I even hate taking pictures without wearing my wig because I felt that it was not me. The DCP treatment I'm using right now is a bit itchy in my scalp with redness and I get painful lymph nodes on my neck. They would apply it weekly on my scalp. But it appears that the hairs that are growing are the hairs that are broken during my hair loss which whenever I pull it are easily pulled off and I can't even feel it was pulled. I hope I could get my hair back to its original form. The way it was before.