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    Anyone play guitar?

    I started playing guitar - mainly acoutstic - about 5 years ago. I played pretty steadily and actually got pretty good! I played some of those open mic sets at bars, but the life happened and I haven't really touched it for the last year or so. It's one of those things that was such a huge factor in my life; relieved stress, expressed my creativity and the chicks dig it! I sold my last acoustic (A Seagull Artist Studio) but recently came into some cash and want to get back into it again. I'm not quite sure what to buy yet, but Seagull is a great brand.

    So do any of you guys play? What do you play, what's your style, what's your inspiration?

    If you don't play and have been looking for a hobby, you should really try it out. There are more than enough free guides on the internet to get you going. Again, the chicks really dig it! Balding or not!

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    Re: Anyone play guitar?

    I have been playing since I was 12 (now 24) went through a couple of year's of not playing as much because of, like you said, life picks up.

    I play mostly stoner rock/doom metal/sludge metal (think modern day Black Sabbath) but I also play alt. country and shoegaze. Been trying to get a current band together that will do stoner/doom stuff but I will settle for the latter genres. Right now been jamming with this local cover band that mostly does ZZ Top, Ted Nugent and Thin Lizzy covers, I like it that keeps my chops up to speed.

    My current guitars are a 2002 Gibson Gothic SG, a 1987 Burny RLG50 Supergrade Les Paul, Martin D15, and a 1937 Gibson L50 I inherited from my Grandpa.

    I plan to pick up a Reverend Six Gun or Buckshot, a semi-hollow with P90's and a Bigsby, a Framus acoustic, and a Gibson Explorer E2.

    I have way too many guitar fx pedals and probably should sell some.

    I run a 1982 Marshall JCM800 2204 through a '77 Marshall 4x12 straight with black back Celestions, thinking of trading out the cab for a vintage Orange I have seen in the shop. I need to get another back up Marshall, like a MV JMP dudemon has, as the 2204 blew a fuse recently. I also have a Epiphone Valve Junior combo I modded.

    I would love get one of those silver face Fender Twins or Deluxe Reverb and stack it with a Fender 70's 2x15.

    Influences are all over the place: in the beginning, like every other metal kid in Texas I was really influenced by Dimebag of Pantera and most kids were. As I got older I would say more Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, a lot of unknown 70's rock bands like Cactus, Captain Beyond. Also bands like Pentagram, Kyuss, the Melvins, Sleep, Spirit Caravan. Wilco and the Old 97's along with My Bloody Valentine are a big influence as well. There are so many bands that I find something inspirational about whether it be their drive, intensity, musicianship, etc.

    I feel some of dudemon's comments are ones that just pertain to them, I think most girls find it admiring and attractive if you are passionate about it. Hell I find most women find you more attractive if you are passionate about certain hobbies. I see guys who just play at parties and pick up the chicks and I hate it too but I did it a couple of times and sure enough, girls do flock to you even if you are follicly challenged. They didn't flock so much if you were fat though.

    I never really got into it because of chicks, so to speak, but more because it was fun instead of the usual sports and school elections drabble.

    I think the most important things is to have fun. If it's not fun then why are you doing it then?

    Another is to play with other people, I have learned just as much from playing with guys who just started playing to guys who have been doing it for over 20 years.
    Probably the most important thing is that when things get really bad and the world looks its darkest, you just have to throw up your hands and say "Well, alright!" cause it's probably gonna get a whole hell of a lot worse.

    For a long time I played brooding, "James Dean" types. I was kind of relieved when my hair fell out and I didn't have to do that any more. - John Malkovich

    My story

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    Re: Anyone play guitar?

    Quote Originally Posted by dudemon
    I've been playing for most of my life since I was a kid. I gave up on it because I realized that I will never be able to "look" very good on stage. I am not exactly what you call "photogenic." (My hairloss is only part of this, BTW)

    Once I realized being a professional musician was never going to be a reality for me, it became just a hobby. But I have never given it up completely.
    Have'nt heard of session musicians? Those guys earn good money, and BB King/Joe Santana are'nt exactly lookers.
    If you watch todays pop stars doing live shows on tv you'll often see hidden in the shadows the backing band are middle aged fat guys.
    *Voice of reason on HLT since 2007*
    Quote Originally Posted by CCS
    I don't need to marry the woman I'll get HM for that. just need to have fun for a month till she finds out, and have a fast turnover rate if she dumps me. If the piece looks good turnover shouldnt b a issue. Just break contact with her & her friends if she has a bigmouth
    it is not your lack of drink, but muscles or face thats the reason. The only reason they'd want you to drink is so you focus on that and dont hit on them I don't even go to partys, at least not till I get more muscle on my arms.

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    Re: Anyone play guitar?

    i have been playing this and that for about 3 years but i would really call myself as novice
    i am far from musically talented

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