to hair loss talk, but boy could I use a hug! I'm a little freaked out because although my hair has been thinning gradually over the last 20 yrs (I'm 50), now it seems that all of a sudden a lot of short hairs are falling out. I mean 2-3 inches only. Lots. I just noticed this a couple of weeks ago. I was on a month-long regimen of Prilosec, (20 mg 2x day per my doc), but the course ended last week. That's the only drug I've taken lately. I know my hair loss is most likely age/hormone related, but the short-hair shed is new. Scary, cause I'm now really seeing a noticeable thinning on my crown. I stopped coloring my hair almost a year ago, cause I was afraid it had something to do with the general thinning (or at least wasn't helping). Embracing gray! Any advice from anyone would be helpful.