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    Lacey's Story - (I was on THE DOCTORS)

    Hey there....My name is Lacey. I am currently 28 and at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with female pattern hairloss. I had a scalp biopsy done, multiple tests done, and they all came back normal. Therefore, I was one of the many women to get this diagnosis that eats at me every day. I was on Rogaine for 6 years and it did help. I happened to write The Doctors and got on the show in 2008 for my hairloss. They gave me laser therapy and stopped my Rogaine. Unfortunately, they should have never stopped my Rogaine and I back-tracked. It was a great opportunity for me to show the world my story. You can even still watch it on youtube. I am currently back on my laser comb and my Rogaine. I also use Toppik every day to help me get through my day feeling better about myself. It definitely hides thinness.
    I am happily married to a great man and I work with cancer patients, so I see bald women and men every day. Things could always be worse. I am very outgoing and want to have some friends that understand this uncomfortable health issue.
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    Re: I was on THE DOCTORS

    You're not going to get responses if you say you're happily married.

    Kinda cool though..being on The Doctors and all. Have yet to watch the vid...but did they replace the Rogaine with something else? It would have been interesting to have replaced it with a procyanidin-based topical. The pro's have been compared to minox/Rogaine.

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    Re: I was on THE DOCTORS

    Hey there Jacob...yes, the clinic that I went to for my laser said I could stop the Rogaine as the laser would take its place....well...after you stop Rogaine, you start to thin after 3 first 3 month follow-up pics after the laser were great...then I started to thin since I was off the Rogaine, but then laser at least maintained me for the rest of treatment...very frusterating though. The Dr that was on the show with me was a specialist in hair. I had emailed him after the negative reports of no change and no growth and he said that they should have never stopped my Rogaine....GRRRRR....I have, as of this week, finally started back on both my Rogaine and my laser brush again at home...As I said on the show..."At least I am thin somewhere." HAHAHAHAH...but its soooo hard to deal with...a daily struggle. I work with cancer patients though, so I try to see how blessed I truly am. Thanks for the post! <<< This face is called "Harry"

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    Re: I was on THE DOCTORS

    Hey there....they said that the laser would take the place of the Rogaine..both Rogaine and laser are approved to work...but still...Dr. Ziering on the show says I need them that is what I am doing...thanks! Awesome that you saw me.

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    Re: I was on THE DOCTORS

    hey lacey, I saw the show on youtube a while back, really did feel for you when you were getting emotional.. I, along with most people here hate the condition but i can imagine being a women it's even worse to have hairloss.

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    Re: I was on THE DOCTORS

    Lacey, I would look into consuming licorice and drinking spearmint tea to lower testosterone.

    And there are these possible treatments also, they all have some sort of science or logic behind them but I'm no expert by any stretch on these things so decide for yourself which, if any, you feel will help.

    Superoxide dismutase
    GHK copper peptides
    Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (possibly with MSM)
    Lithium in DMSO
    Zinc PCA
    Keratinocyte Growth Factor
    Tea Tree Oil
    Cedarwood Essential Oil
    Lavender Essential Oil
    Thyme Essential Oil
    Peppermint Oil
    Soy isoflavones
    Some or all of the ingredients in Revivogen (so maybe just Revivogen)
    Corosolic acid
    Coal tar extract

    Consuming soy or just soy isoflavones is also a good idea as your intestinal tract might make eqoul.

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    Re: Lacey's Story - (I was on THE DOCTORS)

    Hey Lacey,

    I also saw your segment on The Doctors, I thought it was great. I definitely felt your pain of having so many hair car products that are ineffective.

    I really like the show. I was just curious how you got on there and how effective is the Hair Max Laser Comb? Would you recommend?

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    Re: Lacey's Story - (I was on THE DOCTORS)

    I actually saw that episode of the Doctors-- because I watch everything that purports to address female hair loss -- and I was wondering whether they would ever follow up on your progress. As a result of that show, and several doctor's visits, I decided to plunk down $3600 for a year of laser therapy. I did the laser alone, with no minoxidil or anything else, and it has been a complete bust. On the whole, I think that laser is just not worth it. All the before and after pictures I have seen really don't show any difference.

    Have you ever tried birth control pills? Ortho Tri-Cyclen really helped me. The down side is that your shedding gets really bad again when you come off.
    I am just hoping to hold on to some of my hair untill someone finds a cure.

    The real hope for all of us is the new stem cell therapy and possibly the new research coming out of CA with Astressin-B. Hope they can figure this out soon.

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    Re: I was on THE DOCTORS

    Quote Originally Posted by finfighter
    Hey I actually saw you on that show. I can't believe they told you to stop taking Rogaine, that's horrible advice, because Minoxidil is a lot more effective than Laser therapy!

    You may want to look into using a topical antiandrogen, there are many options that work, read through the link in my signature, and let me know if you have any questions.

    Minoxidil being more effective than laser therapy is simply your opinion. It is not based on anything. Google "Is Minoxidil more effective than laser therapy" and guess what comes up?? This Post!

    I believe laser therapy does work, but you must use it along with a DHT inhibitor. Laser therapy, like rogaine, doesn't do anything about DHT. It just stimulates new growth.

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    Hello, Lacey

    I want to know what is your situation now please.
    I've been struggling for about 12 years, also my mother and sister , we haven't got any solution for now.

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