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    Smoking & alcohol

    Hi guys,

    Was wondering how much these two items affect hair loss. I've been researching a bit and some sites say it is the devil to smoke cigarettes at all and it screws your hair no matter what the intake is....the same with alcohol. I smoke maybe 5-10 cigs a day during the week and maybe a little more on weekends depending whats going on. As for drinking I have 2-5 per weekday, maybe 24 on a weekend depending.

    Any thoughts...I eventually want to quit smoking, but I don't want to be rushed due to this.

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol


    I'm not sure how much cigs and alcohol affect hair but I will tell you if you are only smoking 5 cigs a day i would quit now. Putting it off will only lead to you smoking more and make the withdrawals harder. I'm not trying to preach but take it from a smoker who went through hell quitting, it sucks when you have done it for a long time and hit almost 2 packs a day.

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    yeah i used to smoked about that much (2 packs a day) a couple years ago...working at a non-smoking facility and not smoking inside has really cut me down.

    i did recently get on propecia due to noticing some scalp in the lights in the bathroom mirror. i don't really get it...sometimes it looks like i'm so thin, others it doesn't at all...i hate not knowing what's going on 'up there'. been staring at it for years freaking myself when it overtakes your life.

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    Hey Lars,

    If you have a big lightbulb, or florescent bulb over your mirror, it will not be a true reflection of the condition of your hair. Take a mirror outside, or by a big window, in day time with the light on, and this is a pretty accurate view of your hair, or take a video of your hair outside.

    As for smoking and drinking, I do both, for years now , and it has not had any effect on my hair.

    PS been on propecia and minox for 8 years now, still holding steady, even when I drink and smoke a lot.
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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    The skin issue alone is enough to not smoke imo. If your balding atleast do it with style looking young

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    Don't be afraid to smoke and drink. Don't become a slave to this, because in reality, small things like drinking and smoking wont effect you if you have MPB. I know alcohol brings up estrogen levels, so if anything it might slow it down.

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    I don't if there's any correlation between alcohol/tobacco and MPB.

    But for your own well-being I would strongly encourage you to stop smoking. Smoking is terrible for your heart and is a major risk factor for developing cancer.

    As for the alcohol, I believe research shows that moderate drinkers (1-2 drinks per day) actually on average live longer than non-drinkers.

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    Quote Originally Posted by Flipperdipper
    Don't be afraid to smoke and drink. Don't become a slave to this, because in reality, small things like drinking and smoking wont effect you if you have MPB. I know alcohol brings up estrogen levels, so if anything it might slow it down.
    it would make your hair worse, not the opposite lol

    DHT and hairloss is even more extreme where high estrogen is present, I dont believe DHT alone causes hairloss, only in a high estrogen environment.

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    Yes Smoking,Alcohol,everything you consume not only affects your hair but can be found in your hair for months and sometimes years later. And obviously they can affect your skin as well. Particularly smoking.
    I'm not going to lecture you, in comparison to some your antics are quite tame just remember the point of doing drugs and drinking is supposed to be about enjoying yourself, if it stops being fun then there's no point to it.

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    Re: Smoking & alcohol

    This cracks me up, stop drinking and smoking for your general health but dont think its some way to combat hairloss because it is'nt.
    I never drank or smoked during or before the time I lost my hair and my hairloss was about as early and aggressive as you can get, and its funny how street bums and wino's always have the best heads of hair.

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    it is not your lack of drink, but muscles or face thats the reason. The only reason they'd want you to drink is so you focus on that and dont hit on them I don't even go to partys, at least not till I get more muscle on my arms.

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