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    wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    i love to swim and go to waterparks and do other water activities however since the hair loss I have not done anything in the water hardly at all because my wig comes off and it is extremely embarrassing. Are there any wigs out there that allow you to enjoy the water without fear of it falling off?

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    Re: wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    Lace wig are good

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    Re: wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    You will get the most secure attachment with a wig that has poly or ThinSkin (solid material) around the entire base. Another option is to have poly around the back and sides and lace at the front for the most natural appearance. There are some excellent strong tapes you can use at the hairline. I recommend Eagle lace tape and Walker No-Shine tape. I get them from hatsoffhair (I get my hair systems there too).

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    Re: wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    I don't know about the best wigs, but the worst ones I know of are the Jon Renau wigs and the worst place to buy them at is

    On the Jon Renau wig, the front of the hairline curls up, exposing the underside of the lace making the wig look ridiculously fake. Aside from that, it's an average wig as far as synthetics go.

    The worst place to buy one is They won't post the negative review I gave the Jon Renau wig because it would lower its five star rating. They only publish the positive reviews in a deceptive marketing scheme designed to fool cancer victims and other hair loss sufferers into thinking the wigs are better than what they actually are. Their return policy is as bad as their wigs.

    I complained to both companies, but neither cares. Neither Jon Renau nor stands behind their products.

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    Re: wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    hi starfullpatches

    i'm a white water rafting fan so definitely need a wig that stays in place!

    you have options.

    a lace or thin skin wig is best - very light on your scalp (lace is the lightest and the most breathable). you can bond them to you using tapes and/or adhesive. thinskin seems to be better for clean ups when you take your wig off, the tapes / adhesive seem to slide off. on lace however, it can be diffuclt to get the residue off completely. this can lead to wear and tear of the lace so you may end up needing to replace a lace wig more often

    a compromise is a lace wig with thin skin perimeter - you get the lightness and breathability of lace with thinskin on the permiter to attach tapes / adhesives on

    another option is to get some heavy duty wig clips. I sew my own wig clips in, usually about 8 around the perimeter and this keeps my wig on even when flaling down a waterfall!

    let me know if you need any more info

    Female hair loss sufferer since 1996 (androgenetic alopecia). Tried practically everything on market to treat and camouflage. Want to share my knowledge so you don’t make the same expensive mistakes!

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    Re: wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    well you can choose between synthetic and natural..
    Iv been wearing them since i was young since i have AU since birth.
    iprefer synthetic though but you can always choose..

    For synthetics its nice coz it lasts longer than natural wigs..the only thing is when its new it has this super shiny texture that gives you a "hey look at me im wearing a wig"sign on your face so its better if you lessen the shine by sinking it in shampoo and dont forget to use a conditioner..
    The other thing about synthetics is it curdles like a burnt rope after a long time but its fixable by using a flat iron (in very low heat). plus conditioners are really really important.

    For natural wigs its normaly like a real hair.and will eventually obtain damages like real hair has like split ends and drying out and brittleness wich you cant really fix coz natural wigs dont have roots so they are more likely to damage easier that synthetic..

    so they key is be confident and just wear it as it's really yours..dont be scared to flip it or style it..

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    Re: wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    The best hair replacement system for the more active among us would definitely be the monofilament ones. this is how mine is attached and involved no surgery. let me know if youd like to find out more id be happy to chat.

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    Hello everyone,
    The important part is not about the cap or glue.
    There are many different ingredient in the waterparks,these stuff will make the hair tangle badly.
    If you really know how to wash a wig and take good care of it,you could swim with a wig.
    But if you not,its really not a good choice to swim with a lace wig.

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    I own my own hairpiece and extension company in SC. I would love to help anyone out that is stressed about their hair situation. I custom cut and color pieces to match with the existing hair you alrea
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