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    Shall I give up or persevere?

    I have high levels of Anxiety, Aperger's [Milder form of AUTISM]. I am prone to depression and panic attacks too as well as palpitations due to my auto-immune thyroid disease. There are many other mental health and personal issues as well. I use to have very thick hair as I am Eurasian. I mean I am talking Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan thinckness. I am 26 years old.

    I am taking minoxidil 2% and notice an increase in hairloss or shedding rather. I heard about the side effects of Propecia such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, lower sex drive, depression etc and I would like to know if anyone has taken propecia and if it has worked?

    I have seen many head and scalp specialists, trichologists that have diagnosed me with Male Pattern Hair loss, where as my dermatologist just gave me betnovate lotion to apply to the scalp which does nothing because I do not have eczma, swelling, dermatitis etc. I believe my dermatologist perscribed the lotion because he tought the hair loss could be due to Alopecia areata as a result of my auto immune thyroid disease, but that is being treated. So my thyroid problem probably doesn't help but my father is bald too so it is most likely hereditry.

    I have seen another specialist at Hospital group who suggested Minoxidil 5% with progesterone [combined], but the Belgravia centre suggested Minoxidil at 12.5% with Alzelaic acid 5% cream which contains a DHT blocker, they also suggested Propecia 1mg.

    I then have my doctor saying that Propecia is not good and can damage your sex life henc ethe above stated. They suggested to take SAW PALMETTO. So there is a contradiction, then I looked at Chinese herbal medicine and they suggested hair tonic, ginseng, ginko acupuncture etc. Argh!!!

    I am also using Nanogen [Nanofibres] to cover up the thinner areas because of the sort of business that I do I need to look well groomed and approachable as well as presentable.

    Maybe I am worrying too much, I mean look at Prince William, Wayne Rooney? I was wandering if any of you can relate to me please or have any informative advice, do you suggest Propecia, has it worked for you if you have taken it? Are the side effects true? have they effected you? Does minoxidil work and what percentage to you use? Is progesterone a DHT blocker?

    Thank you for your time and patience.

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    Re: Shall I give up or persevere?

    You might as well try the Propecia. I've been on it for 2 months now. After 10 days I did get the sexual side effects but everything went back to normal within a week. You can start on a lower dose and work your way up.

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