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    MrBastard's Story. The bastard it back, all topicals out!

    Hey! Awesome forum. It have helped me extremely much.

    I am born in 1987. First noticed my balding at the low age of 18... Every single male on my fathers side of family is balding, most NW4+. I dont know so much on my mothers side, but those i seen have balded pretty muuch too. My own father is a very diffuse NW2. 1 - 0 in genes favour so far...

    I was in denial the first years until i got to the age of 21. Wherever i styled my hair i had 200+ hairs in the sink so it was etremely aggressive. My temple was in an aggressive v shape and it was diffuse lot all over expt my crown. Tested a crap remedy that did not work until i found this site at age 22. 2 - 0 to genes for the crap that did not work!

    To be continued... Pics and regimen longer down!

    Before ANYTHING. The hair is long, and look at my god damn temples and you can see the diffuse.
    [attachment=4:3w2apfmh]Before ANYTHING.jpg[/attachment:3w2apfmh]

    1 Year after. Used NISIM. Still shedded a lot, all it did was giving the hair a nice look. Did nothing to MPB. Its long here so it covers the temples somewhat
    [attachment=3:3w2apfmh]After 1 year on crap, before official regimen.JPG[/attachment:3w2apfmh]

    Short hair in strong light. Dated 7th June 2010
    [attachment=2:3w2apfmh]7th June 2010 - Strong Lights.JPG[/attachment:3w2apfmh]

    Outdoor in normal light. Really shows my temples receeded bad. I think after a small sheding period. Dated 27th June 2010

    9th Desember 2010. basicly how my hair look through the day noways unstyled. It is 3 hours after a spiro application. Not strong lights so the temples do look worse than they seems here
    [attachment=1:3w2apfmh]9th December 2010 - Normal lights.JPG[/attachment:3w2apfmh]

    There are pictures of different angles, lights througout the thread. If really interested, have a look at em

    Last topicals pickture is at 11, its fin only from there and out!
    Stopped ALL topicals somewhere in 2012, spread as i ran out, dont remember exactly.

    Timeline of my regimen:


    RU58841! - Stopped 2012!
    - March 2011. Started RU58841. 25-50mg daily, very inconsistand first month.
    - May 2011. Reached 150mg daily after gradually increasing over the past weeks.

    Minoxidil! - Stopped 2012!
    - June 2010. Started Recrea Forte 5% Linement. It irritated my skin and make me lose my 1rs skin layer + parts of my 2nd.
    - July 2010. Changed to dr. lee's Minoxidil 5% with an accationally Xandrox 5%. 0.7ml morning and 1.3ml night.
    - November 2010. Stopped morning minoxidil, 1.5 - 1.7ml minoxidil night.
    - Desember 2010. Stopped the accationally Xandorx, only on regular 5% minoxidil now. 1.3 - 1.5ml night, or 1ml morning/night those days it goes. Like weekends.
    - January 2011. Only 1 ml night on a DRY scalp. Developed sides like wrinkles + dark under eyes.
    - March 2011. Started to mix it with my RU. See RU part for more info
    - May 2011. Gone down to 25mg minoxidil/day. Same as 0.5ml rogaine 5% daily

    Copper Peptides! - Stopped 2012!
    - January 2011. Folligen Spray + EMu Oil S on day 1 and 2, breake on day 3
    - March 2011. Folligen Spray on random days throughout the week. No Emu Oil-S

    Spironolactone! - Stopped 2012!
    - July 2010. Started 5% topical. Temples morning, all over night
    - October 2010. Temples morning, all over night EOD
    - November 2011. All over morning, none night
    - March 2011. Stopped it to see how well RU works on its own. Also fear i might have some tiny side effects.

    Miconazole Nitrate! - STOPPED March 2011
    - January 2011. Started Daktar 2%. Temples only 2 - 6 hours before shower
    - March 2011. Stopped it. Did not seem to give alot of results in exchange of having to apply a topical mid day aswell.

    Retinoic Acid! - STOPPED January 2011!
    -September 2010 - Started Retinoic Acid 0.025%, Every 3rd - 8th day 30 - 60min before shower. Really inconsistant. Only used 1 bottle from start to end.

    Tin Peptides! - STOPPED March 2011!
    - October 2010. Folligen For Blondes + Emu Oil-S EOD night
    - November 2010. Folligen for Blondes + Emu Oil-S every night
    - January 2011. Folligen for Blondes on day 3, breake on day 1 and 2


    Ketokonazol! - Stopped 2012!
    -June 2010. Started Fungoral 2%. Anywhere from once to four times a week
    - May 2011. Upped to almost every day.

    Piroctone Olamine! - STOPPED May 2011!
    - August 2010. Started Sebamed PO shampoo. Anywhere from once to five times a week.
    - May 2011. Stopped it. I got keto shampoo and that should be enough... The PO shampoo i had had an unpleasent smell aswell.


    Fish Oil! - Still Using!
    - September 2010. Started Fish Oil + A/D vitamin once daily

    Methyl Sulfonyl Methane! - Stopped 2012!
    - October 2010. Started 1g MSM + c-vit 250mg 2 - 3x daily
    - January 2011. Ran out. Taking a small pause

    Multi Vitamin! - Stopped 2012!
    - January 2011. Started Nycoplus multi vitamin minus A/D vitamin once daily.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    A little update on my status...

    The skin layers who fell off before have stopped now. My conclution is that it cus of the Aloe Vera that is in my 5% Spiro cream. I also stopped NISIM completely so it might aswell be some chemical intereaction between the stuff i used to use. The hairs on my left hairline have grown in size since last time, but still not so big that they show up on my phone camera. On right side it seems to be a overall thinning, a local shed i guess you can call it... When i see close i see alot of small hairs so i hope they will come back.

    The regime i have bin following since last time is:
    -Fungoral shampoo and a conditioner every 3rd day, green day shampoo+ conditioner on the other days.
    -5% Spiro creame on the whole scalp at night, temples on morning.
    -Recrea Forte 5% on whole head at night.

    I am thinkin of ordering green te for drinking within the next week. I know i need a DHT inhibitor very soon, but hard to decide wich one... The only one i seem to be able to order without having the customs slip wich tells everyone what is inside is Revivogen. But i hear it is so messy, i'd hate that

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    Nope, no pills for me


    Too many bad things... Not worth it. It effects people in more ways than they imagine, and people even get sides after several years of usage. Some people dont even lose the sides when stopping.

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    Ive read some of eucapil now and is eager to start it Emailed the 2 webshops who sell em now and asked some questions, if all work out i will most likely start it soon.

    The new regime then will hopefully be:
    - Xandrox 5%/Minox 5% EOD Morning
    - Spiro + Eucapil night
    - Fungoral 2 - 3 times a week (2% keto)

    Still have not figured out wich to apply first, maybe eucapil then Spiro 1 hour later. Ideally id do Minox/xandrox and spiro morning and eucapil before i go to sleep night. il experiment if i can take exremely small amount of spiro in the morning so it wont smel.

    I will start to wash my hair less then everyday. Like the days i sweat alot i do fungoral or another one if i did fungoral the day before. Since i wont wash my hair everyday "less is more" will be my motto so my scalp is nearly 100% clean after each applying. My regime will then be good study backed and hopefully the best and easiest i can do without popping pills.

    Also done my hair extremely buzzed, 3 mm long, and im lovin it Will take pictures at the start of the regime and update in aprox 3 months if it ever happend

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    Your hairloss looks a lot like mine (although I'm probably a bit worse off than you). I too have diffuse thinning and big temples, and I buzz it down. I've been on minox 5% and Niz for two and a half months approximately (I refuse to take Propecia too), and I've had quite decent results so far. My hair has gotten darker and thicker, and my facial hair growth has improved as a side effect.

    Good luck to you, and it's good that you like buzzing your hair down.
    God, grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    Just got my minox without propylene glycol as i suspect it irriate my skin a bit. Also got one with Azalaic Acid without PG.

    My new regime will then be:

    - 5% minox W/ Azalaic Acid morning
    - 5% Minox + spiro Night
    - 2% keto shampoo every 3rd day
    - Shampoo on my head 5 days/week max

    And that is it Eucapil will prob be added down the road. Pictures will be taken aprox every month from now on! Posted if nessecary

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    dont scary me whit this video...

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    Rogaine 5% Since 2010 (Currently trying Minoxidil 5% with 1.5% Aminexil and 1.5% Azelaic Acid).

    Nizoral 2% since 2010

    Capixyl since October 2015

    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    Man that video is bogus...Most likely you would never get sides from Propecia.If at all you do,they will be totally reversible when stopped.

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    Quote Originally Posted by mpbsux20
    Man that video is bogus...Most likely you would never get sides from Propecia.If at all you do,they will be totally reversible when stopped.
    I agree. Mr. Bastard, I hate to tell you this but you need fin if you really want to save your hair. Your hair loss is very advanced for only 22, minox will only buy you so much time. If you don't mind being bald by 30 and just want to thicken up for the next couple of years then thats fine, but if you want to keep your hair for the long run you need fin.

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    Re: MrBastard's Story- (22) Recarded Hairline /W Pics

    I am currently in a shedding period now. The hair is noticeable thinner in an agressive long back V-shape at the front.

    On the other hand i have seen many new vellus hairs making the hairline even better if they ever grow long, and the vellus hairs ive got from the nisim period have gotten a bit longer.

    Got a PO shampoo yesterday and i liked the way it make my hair look after one use, but i did not like the smell so much. It the brand sebamed. Hopefully i will get my minox with PG soon (And that it really dry FAST!) so i can apply something before work everyday... Also adding ret-a this week wich i guess i will keep in a every other day/3rd day ratio.

    Will keep this up a few months more then i will reconsider my regime. Overall i am happy i see it working and the results i gotten so far.

    The way its bin done the past 2 weeks(vacation FTW) now is:

    - Minox/xandrox morning and night alternating
    - Spiro morning and night
    - Keto every 3rd day

    Recent changes starting monday:
    - Adding ret-a every 2nd/3rd day
    - Adding PO shampoo every 3rd day
    - Removing Spiro morning mon - friday

    Ye i know, i really need some kind of DHT inhibitor/androgen blocker!! Will think about it... hard to add a new topical on my current regime and fin is off limits still.

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