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    red bumps all over scalp?

    Hey first post tried to search here. My hair has been shedding pretty quick over the last 6-8 months. Have notice a few red bumps, they aren't really pimples but they are that same size. More just red bump like. Now I have noticed them spreading all over my scalp. I am thinking I may have some infection/fungus. Has anyone had this?

    I went on propecia 30 days ago , doctor gave it to me fairly easily and at the time I didn't think that this red bumps had anything to do with it. I am going to make an apt with a dermatologist but was wondering in the mean time if anyone has experienced this. They do not itch, but they are all over starting mostly in the crown and towards the top of my head now about midway through.


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    Re: red bumps all over scalp?

    Are they small red bumps that release white stuff when you squeeze them?
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    Re: red bumps all over scalp?

    Thank you for responding.

    No they are not pimples like that. If I do put pressure on it (more then a pimple) and squeeze enough they will simply bleed. I only know this b/c when I first noticed a few here and there I did it, yes I know bad. I have stopped for a long time now(8+ months) as I realized it may spread whatever it is.

    I know this might sound weird but for the last week I have used anti bacterial bar soap(dial) on my head and every other day Nizoral and it has helped somewhat.

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