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    Mr. P's Story - (25/The Quest to Defeat MPB)

    I started a thread in January that detailed my story, but I've never officially shared it in this forum, so here goes:

    - 25-year-old male
    - Always had a high hairline/widow's peak. My temples have looked receded since I was probably 15 or 16, which made it difficult to tell if I was really losing or not.
    - Hairline started thinning/receding slightly at 18 or 19
    - Zero family history of hair loss (lucky me)
    - On and off Propecia from August 2006 to November 2008
    - Noticed more thinning at hairline and on top of head in August 2009

    My current regimen:

    - 1.25 mg Fincar daily (started 3/1/10)
    - 5 ml Kirkland minox twice daily (started 4/10/10)
    - Nizoral 1% two-three times per week (started February 2010)
    - Biotin daily
    - MSM daily (started 5/9/10)

    I also eat clean the majority of the time, including lean protein, green veggies, good fats, and minimal carbohydrates. I lift two-three times a week and try to get some sort of physical activity in each day.

    Here's what I can share about my regimen so far:

    - Fincar: Haven't noticed any sides. If anything, I seemed to experience a boost in sexual drive after I started taking it.

    - Kirkland: Not as messy as some around here seem to think it is. I have shaggier hair, so perhaps that helps keep it from being too messy. I usually apply it in the morning and at night, though I've had a few days where I only got one application in. Never missed a day entirely, though.

    I apply it with the dropper, focusing on the hairline, since that seemed to be my biggest problem. I then rub the Minox around my scalp with my fingertips, just to spread it about.

    I've noticed some headaches and dark circles under my eyes, though I think the latter is more due to lousy sleep.

    - Nizoral: Makes my hair look great some days. Not so much other days. It's been drying my scalp out a bit, so I'm looking for a good shampoo to use on other days.

    So Far

    A mixed bag. I'm not really sure what to expect, since most of my problem seems to be a thinning hairline. I've pursued the standard Big 3 regimen because it seems silly not to try the proven products. Naturally, I'm concerned with the downsides of these treatments, such as sides and shedding.

    Even as my hair got thinner last year before starting treatments, I never noticed a lot of hairs in the shower. Really different story lately, especially in the month since starting Minox. I don't wash my hair every day (usually every other day), but I'm getting quite a bit of hair in my tub. I don't count them, but it's enough to create a noticeable visual in the tub after three or four days.

    I'll say particularly that my hair has looked awful the last week. My hairline was the most noticeable thing before I started treatment, but it was usually possible to hide it at the front since my hair is longer. The front of my hairline is pretty much transparent over the last week. I'm assuming this is a result of the Minox. The density seems less than usual and the hairs themselves are getting pretty wispy.

    All these things considered, I'd say I'm definitely going through a shed. I knew this was a likely thing and that it's often a sign that the treatments are working. Still not easy to look in the mirror.


    I've taken pictures of my hair at three points since joining HLT. Unfortunately, the angles and lighting have been a bit different each time. I'm still trying to find that uniformity that will be the most accurate gauge of my progress. Regardless, here are some snaps.

    Things to note:

    The first batch is from late January. Flash is used in some, but not others.
    - The second batch is from April 24. Flash is used.
    - The third batch is from earlier tonight. Flash is used. This was immediately after my night application of liquid Minox, so the results are pretty close to what my hair would look like when wet (the top shot, especially). The strands of hair themselves actually look a bit thinner in some because they're damp.
    - From now on, I'll take some pictures before and after my Minox application.

    Jan. 23, 2010

    April 24, 2010

    I'll post tonight's photos in a second post.
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    Re: The Quest to Defeat MPB

    Here's tonight's batch. About what I expected, except for the top snap with the flash. I could see my scalp as far back as a year ago if I parted my hair in different spots, but the visual of the wet hair from the Minox, the intensity of the flash, and where my hair is at right now was pretty shocking. I actually felt a bit ill immediately after seeing the picture.

    [attachment=5:47chpwt5]5-10-10 001.jpg[/attachment:47chpwt5]
    [attachment=4:47chpwt5]5-10-10 003.jpg[/attachment:47chpwt5]
    [attachment=3:47chpwt5]5-10-10 004.jpg[/attachment:47chpwt5]
    [attachment=2:47chpwt5]5-10-10 005.jpg[/attachment:47chpwt5]
    [attachment=1:47chpwt5]5-10-10 007.jpg[/attachment:47chpwt5]

    So as you guys can see, I've got a ways to go. I'm hoping that the treatments can more or less restore the vertex. And the way my hairline is looking the last week makes me hopeful in a way that the Minox is working and I'll get some regrowth eventually. Tough times for now.
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    Re: The Quest to Defeat MPB

    i have a feeling this is gonna turn out good for you
    hang in there

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    Re: The Quest to Defeat MPB

    Thanks for the support. I think this place is great for the support systems it offers among people going through a superficial, yet still extremely depressing series of events.

    This place has definitely made me a bit more paranoid, but that's trumped by the wealth of knowledge to be found here. Certainly going to get it everything I have. Worst case scenario is still no worse than what happens if I do nothing to treat it at all.

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    Re: The Quest to Defeat MPB

    Hi Mr, P:

    Can you take a photo of sides in the same form as the last photo posted (spiked, flash and minox)?

    Have you differences in hair density between top or sides of head?


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    Re: The Quest to Defeat MPB

    I'll take such a snap later tonight after I apply my evening dosage of Minox.

    I can't say I've noticed much difference in density between the top of my hair and the sides. I've had pretty fine hair since I lost a ton of weight while in high school, so it's not like there's been a huge drop in hair quality since starting Minox.

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    Re: The Quest to Defeat MPB

    As promised, side shots immediately following my nightly application of liquid Minox. Flash on.

    [attachment=1:1afgxam0]5-11-10 001.jpg[/attachment:1afgxam0]
    [attachment=0:1afgxam0]5-11-10 002.jpg[/attachment:1afgxam0]

    Not sure if this has always been the case, but my right temple looks worse than the left.

    At any rate, my temples have been close to that look for seven or eight years, so I don't really expect much to happen there. I'm mostly looking to restore density at the front of the hairline and vertex.
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    Re: The Quest to Defeat MPB

    Thank you Mr. P

    I think that your goal is mantain the hair you have now,


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    Re: Mr. P's story - (The Quest to Defeat MPB)

    Maintaining is obviously a goal, but I'm hoping my regimen can restore the density that's been lost at the front of the hairline. I don't really expect much to happen with the temples, since my hairline has naturally looked like that most of my life. I'll be adding a perma roller to the mix soon, since that's supposed to help accelerate growth generated by Minox.

    For what it's worth, I picked up a new shampoo to use on the days when I don't use Nizoral: Pantene Pro-V Ice. Also grabbed a once-a-week replenishing mask for the hair, also made by Pantene Pro-V. Both of these products contain amounts of Panthenol, which is apparently the key ingredient in Philip B's Hair Restoration Treatment (YouTube the video; pretty amazing). I can't afford the Philip B product, but heard Pantene products could have a somewhat similar effect.

    I just used both products and the initial results are pretty impressive. I don't have thick hair to begin with, but after a light blow drying, my hair is shiny and incredibly soft.

    Something to consider for the folks out there looking for a shampoo to use on the non-Nizoral days.

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    Re: Mr. P's story - (The Quest to Defeat MPB)

    I desire you a lot of luck, but cosmetics are cosmetics...
    HT is the only method to regain tha hair lost some years ago.

    Don't be obssesed.


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