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    Anyone tried "Hidden Secret a small 6" by 2" topper

    Hi i finally got the nerve up to see a specialist in hair pieces and she said that a hidden secret small topper would do the trick(i have a lot of thinning on my crown) she ordered 2 so i could get a good colour match and was told that they have been discontinued in the honey and gold blonde.Looking online i can buy one but they,re quite expensive and i dont want to waste yet more money on hairpieces that end up in my ottoman.
    Also does anyone feel so depressed by theyre hair loss they are nervous going out? in case someone says something,or i catch a look at myself in the shop mirrors. worried i will just burst into tears.
    Im form Cardiff in the UK, thanks for any help that i get from you,J x

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    Re: Anyone tried "Hidden Secret a small 6" by 2" topper

    I found the GREAT HAIR DAY by Joane Rivers couple months ago. Maybe it will helpful for you too. That is my only "treatment" now. Ever tried topper , the one with the clip, looks very natural, however I couldn't stand the heat it cause to my scalp. Can use for couple hours but not all day, make me dizzy.

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    Re: Anyone tried "Hidden Secret a small 6" by 2" topper

    hi lady57,

    how much are these toppers? you are able to have toppers custom made to match you hair colour, so you shouldn't need to be stuck to a company colour chart. so if you tell me how much you were planning on spending on your topper, i can tell you whether its not much more to pay for a custom made one.

    also, these toppers, is the hair human hair? if so, the hair can be dyed by yourself to match you natural hari colour. And if you find getting a dye that matches your own hair colour diffuclt, simply dye your own hair too - you'll definitely have a colour match then. Tell me more and I'll see if I can help

    Female hair loss sufferer since 1996 (androgenetic alopecia). Tried practically everything on market to treat and camouflage. Want to share my knowledge so you donít make the same expensive mistakes!

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    wow Thats is amazing

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    vitamins, applying oil
    currently i am wearing a hair topper. i am not too happy with it
    Hi I am from Australia. I am wearing a hair topper. I paid Aus $2500. I have some issues with it right now. I bought a ready made one. I should have got one done, to suit my head shape. I regret about it now. I also noticed the parted area is getting white. I am planning to visit the hair studio and discussed this matter. Frankly, I am so confused and not sure which one is the best.

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    I own my own hairpiece and extension company in SC. I would love to help anyone out that is stressed about their hair situation. I custom cut and color pieces to match with the existing hair you alrea
    I own a damage free hairpiece and extensions company in SC and would love to help you. I custom cut and color pieces to match customers hair perfectly! Please look me up on FB I ship all over the country! Ashtyn Tinsley Guest L.A. Hair Boutique 864-590-8924 (I ALSO CUSTOM WIGS)

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