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Thread: Ian Somerhalder

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    Re: Ian Somerhalder

    It's similar to female celebrities without makeup really, except people have no problem with women doing whatever they can to look their best. If a little concealer, or even a wig can make a person look better, then it isn't a bad thing. It's not unecessary vanity, we all like to look our best, and that's just one way of doing so.

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    Re: Ian Somerhalder

    Yep, he's balding and now definitely sporting a wig. Here's a photo from 2007:

    As you can see, he was something like NW3 back then. I wonder how his hair looks now under the wig.

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    Re: Ian Somerhalder

    Thats not a NW3.
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    Re: Ian Somerhalder

    I don't think Ian's wearing a wig. I think he had just naturally thin hair and maybe some slow balding process on-going that he might have stopped by starting the use of fina or minox. Finasteride might darken the hair too; let alone the possibility that he dyes his hair. Wouldn't be the only male Hollywood star.

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    Re: Ian Somerhalder

    We are the worst of OCD balders. It's funny how we have pages of posts all about us debating a celebrity's hair just to make ourselves feel better. Not an attack, just funny. I would be lying if I didn't admit it makes me feel better.

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