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    Wentworth Miller balding?

    As I was checking out the buzz cut-tatoos, I wanted to see how a really good hairline looked in comparison, so I checked out some recent pictures of Wentworth Miller who has some of the best hair in the industry.

    However, on the recent pictures it looks like he is thinning, which comes as quite a surprise to me.

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    Finally! Mwuahahahaah!

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    Ye his crown has definitely gone a bit and on top looks thin in general although he still looks good.

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    He'll just keep going shorter like Vin Diesel did. He seems to have some diffuse thinning there but those pics were in harsh sunlight and I think he'll still keep that low hairline so he wont ever look like a cueball/lightbulb.
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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    Quote Originally Posted by metalheaddude
    Rogaine does not work on diffuse thinners.
    Quote Originally Posted by metalheaddude
    I never said minox didnt work on diffuse thinners.

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    zinedine zidanne pattern...

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    Just saw Resident Evil 3D in which he has grown his hair out a bit. He is thinning a bit but nothing too drastic. He is almost 40 years old. He still has a fantastic hairline though.

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    I'd love to have that hairline at 40. A lil crown thinning is nothing fin can't take care of for a good 10 years.

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    Why the photoshopped pic of him in the Sochaux jersey ? Zidane played for Cannes and not Sochaux.

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    Re: Wentworth Miller balding?

    Yeah, I second that, i'd take crown thinning over a receding hairline anyday!!! It's much less noticeable.

    I have no crown thinning whatsoever, but my NW3 hairline makes me look 34 instead of 24.

    It's the same with Zinedine Zidane. Despite having a bald crown, he pulls off the buzzcut very well because most of his hairline is still in tact.
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