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    Whey based weight gainers and hairloss

    I tried a whey based weight gainer product which is supposed to have about 600 calories and 56g of protein per serving. I took 1 serving per day for a week and started noticing hairloss at unprecedented level. I am on propecia for about an year and it was working well before this happened

    Did anyone else have the same problem when using whey and other dairy based health supplements? Is there a better whey based product which will not cause hairloss?

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    Re: Whey based weight gainers and hairloss

    it has nothing to do with hair loss. Move on.

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    Re: Whey based weight gainers and hairloss

    If it bothers you, just start making your own protein shakes instead of buying tubs of whey. That way you know what you're putting in yourself and it's cheaper in the long run.
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    Re: Whey based weight gainers and hairloss

    **** me is'nt there a thread about 2 threads down exactly the same as this. Dont people ever try reading before posting.
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    Re: Whey based weight gainers and hairloss

    if anything whey is protein so it would eliminate the tiny possibility that a protein deficiency is causing your hairloss, that's all it does

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    Re: Whey based weight gainers and hairloss

    For your peace of mind, switch to soy-based protein for some time and see if it makes any difference.

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    Re: Whey based weight gainers and hairloss

    You are probably just shedding, because there is no way a whey protein shake is that androgenic haha

    edit: I'm taking a ton of whey protein and every other legal supplement you can think of (besides PH's) and I think its making me healthier, and gives more shines to my locks

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