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    Anyone have similiar story? Please Help!!!

    I have been coming to this site a long time. My propecia journey started about 4 years ago. I got best results about 12-18months after I started taking it..Ever since then, I have been going downhill. I have been using minox, nizoral and propecia religiously for the past two years. Hair looks pretty bad at the current moment. I currently ran out of of propecia about a month ago. I have noticed several things..

    1. Skin complexion is a lot better. More color in face
    2. Acne on back is almost all gone

    I am still using liquid rogaine twice a week and Niz.

    Im thinking that propecia has just lost its effectiveness to block the dht needed to keep my hair stabilized. Has anyone had a similiar story as me, moved to dutas and things turned around? Any thoughts would help!!
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    Re: Anyone have similiar story? Please Help!!!

    could it be that propecia was causing excess oils i here that can happen in some people which can lead to the hair getting worse due to sebum build up

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    Re: Anyone have similiar story? Please Help!!!

    I dunno..we will see..thinking of trying dutas in 30 days or so..i just don't get how thin I can be for using minox, prop and niz..i do notice I can pull out hair on vertex and mid scalp very easy..come with little white bulbs...anyone have a bad experience on fin and then a good one on dut?

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