Dear HairlossTalk Members -


All of us have been in the position where someone spoke badly about us at one point or another. The mental, emotional, and literal ramifications (losing friends, clients, business, relationships, etc) can be big.

This is why we are going to require fairness, and a simple "1-2-1-2 Lock" approach to physician related complaints.

Our 1-2-1-2 Lock Policy: You post your issue, the doctor posts a response, you can reply again, and they can reply again. At that point the thread will be locked and no further discussion will occur on the matter.

Note: There will never be any unfairness, bias against or in favor of any doctor, or bias against or in favor of any patient on this forum. But everyone needs to follow the rules.


Important Note: This is only in the rare case that a surgeon actually contacts us with concerns over negative comments made about them on our forums. In the last 8 years this has happened a grand total of 1 time. All opinions both positive and negative are welcome to be posted here in the meantime, and will not be subject to this policy whatsoever.


As stewards of a public forum, it is our legal obligation to allow doctors to respond to, and know their accuser. This means that if you do post negative feedback on a surgeon and they contact us requesting the right to reply, we will need you to provide information (privately to us) on who you are. Fairness goes both ways.

If the user refuses to provide information to us privately on who they are, we will remove the negative posts, as the physician who has contacted us will not be able to fairly respond to such accusations. Again, fairness is paramount.

Doctors: If you have an issue with any posts on this forum please contact us directly at H L T _at_ HAI RLOS STALK . COM (no spaces)