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    Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Wow, I never heard of Histogen but looks promising.
    This is only phase I trial right?
    Thanks for the update.

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Have you looked at the pictures, they are preparing to go to press!
    Thats there first 12 weeks!!!!! and they are posting pictures already! They only started in november!

    "In addition to seeing no adverse reactions, we were delighted to see more hair, thicker hair shafts, and what appears to be the growth of completely new hair follicles in the areas that received the ReGenica treatment."

    Baseline: ... seline.tif

    12 weeks! ... 2weeks.tif

    Hitsogen are presenting there data at the Stem Cell Summit:
    February 17, 2009
    New York, NY
    Dr. Gail Naughton to present Histogen's commercialization plan based on "lessons learned" from Advanced Tissue Sciences

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Leave it to stem cell research, it's like the miracle cure for everything genetic.

    I will be keeping a close eye on this.

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Histogen openess and confidence by releasing these photos is brilliant, not somehting that can be said for intercytex.

    Histogen will release there full data on this study in 2/3 quarter 2009

    This might force Intercytex hand! With full clinical data being released approx around the 18th march 2009.

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Well the injectable is being targetted for 2015 release. Lets hope that they can release the topical or shampoo version sooner.

    Then I wouldnt put it past people to inject the shampoos

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Well im not going to quote timelines but:

    There are now people walking amongst us from both intercytex and Histogen that have newy created induced hair growth! That is an important factor on any timeline!!

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Lovely! whats amazing is that i belive this is the first time we see a genuine follicle groth on human scalp! amzing, makes me feel warm and cozy inside...

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Quote Originally Posted by askas
    That looks interesting, but the question is: if it regrows DHT-induced hairs, will they fall out again? So we will need to use this thingy for ages?
    I think the idea is that they clone cells from the back of your head that are DHT resistant.

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    Re: Hair Multiplication Update:Histogen!

    Explain to me how this works..

    Do they take the hair from the back of the head and then multiply it somehow and then inject it back into the scalp? Would this process not just end up like a hair transplant? Wouldn't take forever to put 50000 hairs or so back on to someones scalp and wouldn't this be extremely expensive?

    Also , what is the expected timeline for this? If it's anywhere near 2015 then it will do nothing for me because my hair is going fassssst.
    Age: 19 -Losing hair since: 17.5
    Hair loss type: DPA (Diffuse Patterned Alopecia)
    Inflammation: Yes/Aggressive
    Side Effects from Finasteride: Yes
    HeadShape: Retarded Egg shape
    Skin colour: White/Pale.
    Grandfathers: Mother's NW 10,000/ Father's NW 4-5.
    Nationality: Irish.

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