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    Hepatitis C, hairloss and keratin

    So i have hepatitis C, and i have been reading somewhere that my hairloss (which is strange and diffuse but not androgenic( doesnt look like it) can have something to do with it . I mention that I dont do any therapy (so hairloss cant have anything to do wiht inteferon or other meds). My hair just thins on some spots then a month later grows back and thins in other but overall its much thinner then before. I have been reding somewhere that it could have something with the keratin production of the liver to do (and with Vitamin B complex) and that the liver (beeing affected) doesnt produce enough. Has anyone here such experiences? Is there any suppliment with keratin and vit B complex?
    Ty in advance
    Pls excuse my english its not my first language

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    Re: Hepatitis C, hairloss and keratin

    So ppl can none help me?
    Are there any keratin pills or something on the market?

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