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    Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    Scientist finds potential solution for baldness
    August 7, 2008
    By Ben Asher

    Recent research on mice at the Stanford Center for Clinical Science Research is providing hope for balding humans everywhere.

    Researchers suggest that a protein called Laminin-511 could be used to promote hair growth in humans. Thus far, it has shown good results when tested on mice, and Dr. Peter Marinkovich thinks it could become available for humans in just two years.

    The Laminin-511 protein works at the boundary between the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin, transmitting signals between them. Laminin-511 is naturally found in both mice and humans, according to Marinkovich, who has been researching it since 2001.

    “It’s exciting,” he said. “It’s not really saving any lives or anything, but hair loss can be devastating to people, even traumatic. [Laminin-511] could improve the quality of life.”

    Generally, drug research starts at the disease and moves towards a cure. However, Marinkovich started with the protein and started looking at which diseases it had an effect on.

    “It was an accident,” he admitted.

    The estimated two-year development time for Laminin-511 will involve petitioning the FDA to start clinical trials and planning a means of safely mass-producing the treatment for the public, Marinkovich said. If the FDA approves the treatment for humans, it could open the doors to further Laminin-related treatments for diseases.

    Not only could a Laminin-511 injection help with balding in general, but it could also be helpful for patients dealing with cancer treatments.

    “Chemo patients have the best chance of responding to Laminin-511,” Marinkovich said. Soon, for those fighting anything from chemo to male-pattern baldness, a full head of hair might be just an injection away.

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    Genes Dev. 2008 Aug 1;22(15):2111-24.

    Laminin-511 is an epithelial message promoting dermal papilla development and function during early hair morphogenesis.

    Gao J, Derouen MC, Chen CH, Nguyen M, Nguyen NT, Ido H, Harada K, Sekiguchi K, Morgan BA, Miner JH, Oro AE, Marinkovich MP.
    Program in Epithelial Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California 94305, USA;

    Hair morphogenesis takes place through reciprocal epithelial and mesenchymal signaling; however, the mechanisms controlling signal exchange are poorly understood. Laminins are extracellular proteins that play critical roles in adhesion and signaling.

    Here we demonstrate the mechanism of how laminin-511 controls hair morphogenesis. Dermal papilla (DP) from laminin-511 mutants showed developmental defects by E16.5, including a failure to maintain expression of the key morphogen noggin.

    This maintenance was critical as exogenous introduction of noggin or sonic hedgehog (Shh) produced downstream from noggin was sufficient to restore hair follicle development in lama5(-/-) (laminin-511-null) skin. Hair development required the beta1 integrin binding but not the heparin binding domain of laminin-511. Previous studies demonstrated that Shh signaling requires primary cilia, microtubule-based signaling organelles.

    Laminin-511 mutant DP showed decreased length and structure of primary cilia in vitro and in vivo. Laminin-511, but not laminin-111, restored primary cilia formation in lama5(-/-) mesenchyme and triggered noggin expression in an Shh- and PDGF-dependent manner.

    Inhibition of laminin-511 receptor beta1 integrin disrupted DP primary cilia formation as well as hair development. These studies show that epithelial-derived laminin-511 is a critical early signal that directs ciliary function and DP maintenance as a requirement for hair follicle downgrowth.

    PMID: 18676816 [PubMed - in process]

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)


    ...could easily be Croat...I knew and still know a lot of people with that last name.

    As usual, great find Chrome!
    Totus tuus

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    makes me even more curious if this is in acell...

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    The FULL Laminin-511 study is a 15 page PDF file (1.95mb) that isn't freely available on the net yet.

    However, i have just obtained a copy and uploaded for everyone to view/download.


    Cheers, chrome

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    Soooo...does that mean it should've been available by now?

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    This website has actually been around for a while, I didn't know what to make of it.

    I dare someone to order it and inject it themselves, you can buy 1/2cc 31 guage syringes OTC in many places. 31 guage might be too big but it is the smallest they sell, and.. well... the head is a pretty dangerous to stick needles in of any sort, if you hit an artery you are dead. Also you'd have to know how to store the stuff.

    But anyways laminin-332 might be of some use perhaps, the site says it works on keratinocytes, but I wouldnt know...

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    Without understanding the science behind this, couldn't we make a topical out of it, or would it specifically have to be injected?

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    Re: Laminin-511 - "...available in just 2 years" (07 Aug 08)

    I've been in contact with someone at the company... i've asked if I can post his e-mails to me on here for all to view.

    I'll start up a new thread though once I get the ok as not sure but think this one has pretty much died?

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