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    Is it Gyno??- w/ pics

    Hey everyone- 20 y/o here suffering from hair loss. I'm at about a NW3 stage right now and started Propecia about 6 weeks ago. Experienced no sides up until about a week ago. I noticed some sensitivity in my nipples, particularly the right one.
    I am wondering if this might be the onset of gyno
    Now I can tell you, as a very skinny kid, I have always had sort of puffy nipples, but never any hardness or disk behind it. I also experienced the common gyno associated with puberty, however, I did notice that it seemed to have come and gone ever since then, especially in my right nipple. It seemed like whenever it got irritated, that little disk behind the nipple would kind of swell for a while, and then go back down. Recently I have noticed this "swelling" again and I am wondering if it could be due to the Propecia. I can definitely feel a sort of hard, rubber-like disk behind the actual nipple and some tenderness in the past week. It is not really noticeable, but I am wondering if it will just subside on its own, or if it is time to quit the Propecia. Please, any help/suggestions you can offer would be great!
    I have attached a few pics (sorry about the poor quality)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Is it Gyno??- w/ pics

    If there is like a rubbery "pea" behind the nipple and it does not feel right, it's gyno IMO. Have a doctor check it out? From straight forward your chest looks fine, but there is def. something happening behind the nipple-area.

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    Re: Is it Gyno??- w/ pics

    This is how my (pseudo)-gynecomastia looked, if not far more pronounced. Almost as if someone was pinching the edge of areolas, and pulling them slightly outward and upward. Eventually he areola itself started to change color and become more defined at the edges. I hated it far more than the actual hairloss itself... that and dulling of penile sensation during sex. These were the reasons behind my discontinuation of finasteride. During this time, I experienced absolutely no pain or sensitivity in the area, but this is very uncommon. Hard to tell if finasteride is the cause without before-and-after pictures. But the beginnings of something are definitely there -- especially in the right nipple area. Good luck.

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    Re: Is it Gyno??- w/ pics

    Looks familiar, especially the first pic... that's how my gyno looks aswell.

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    Re: Is it Gyno??- w/ pics

    go to and u'll get a great idea of what full blown gyne looks like and the stories behind it.

    they're only follicles man...

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