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    My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    First of all, in spite of my name I am not a doctor.

    I wanted to share my Revivogen experience with folks here for two reasons. First, I think this may help people who are in a similar situation. Second, I want Revivogen to thrive so that their product will be available for some time to come. I am not associated with Revivogen in any way but if I continue to see good results I certainly benefit if they continue to thrive as a company. Hopefully this review will help them continue to thrive.

    About 5 months ago I began noticing a thinning at the front of my hairline that was noticeable to me. I bet that my friends hadn't even noticed but it is possible that they did. I have very curly, course brown hair so it's hard to notice changes in my hair. I read all over message boards like this one on Propecia and Rogaine and others, and was on the fence about what I wanted to do.

    Somehow I came across Revivogen, read more about it and decided to give it a try. Because the scalp therapy product was expensive I just started with the Shampoo and Conditioner. I didn't notice any results with this product on its own except that the conditioner IS a thickening product so it made my hair even more course which I didn't really like. So after a few weeks of the shampoo I decided to try the scalp therapy but was very uneasy about it.

    No sooner had I ordered the product I started searching for reviews on different message boards and saw only ones describing this product as snake oil. I felt like a sucker. When it arrived I almost didn't want to use it but decided it was worth a try since it cost me around $100.

    I stuck with it for a few weeks and began noticing results in less than a month... probably more like a few weeks actually. I didn't really believe it at first but decided to stick with it. I'm not sure where I register on the Norwood scale, but I think I was just beginning to lose overall thickness on top rather than experiencing a receeding hairline. I had lost my temple areas 10 years ago (when I was 20) but otherwise had maintained my hairline since then.

    So now three months later my hairline remains the same (still have the somewhat receded temple area) but it is all much thicker. 4-5 months ago I hated looking in the mirror, especially ones with weird lighting and I would mess with the front of my hair to make it look thicker. Now I hardly think of it.

    My current regiment is Reviovogen shampoo daily, Nizoral 2-3 times a week, Revivogen scalp therapy nightly, a vitamin a day, and regular exercise. My results could be related to the Nizoral alone for all I know but I am not changing my regimen as long as things are on the up and up. Revivogen is not the most pleasant thing to put on your head I guess, but it's not torture either. It takes less than 5 minutes and kind of smells like Play-Dough? It definitely requires that you shower the next morning because your hair will be greasy as hell.

    It seems to me, from the reviews I've read and from my own experience, that Revivogen is best for maintaining hair and hair thickness, rather than for re-growing hair. However I have read reviews where people have re-grown hair. I've only been on this for 3 months but I am very optimistic for the future. I will try to check back in case anyone has questions or comments. Best of luck....

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    shampoo won't stop your hair loss, dont even count on it.
    Quote Originally Posted by collegechemistrystudent
    Haven't you heard? In order to get a piece of a$$, your upper forehead needs to be hairier than your a$$. I'm going to get a piece.

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    That's what Revivogen says about their shampoo as well. It's really decent shampoo nevertheless.

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    I also stuck with Revivogen.
    When i came here (thanks google ), i read about sides from propecia and i wanted another way.
    One user from here suggested me the Revivogen.
    Right now, after 4 months, i can say that this product works (thicker hairs at most)
    However, i am waiting to see more results and i post my pictures here.
    I believe ppl try Revivogen and want to see results after 2 months.
    They move then to propecia (which is the best) and judge Revivogen as snake oil before give it more time (my opinion).

    I am from Greece, so i am not associated with Revivogen in any way...

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    I m ahaving limite success on my current treatments...a couple questions re: Revivogen:

    1. where can you buy it?
    2. if it smells and is sticky, how do you apply it, is it just a shampoo or something else that you leave in?? putting it on overnight is not an option; as i'm sure my gf would flip

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    I buy it from here
    You apply it with its drop with comes with it. It is very easy. I like its smell.

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    how much per month is revivogen and how many times per day is optimal please?
    My Current Regime:
    Revivogen (once a day)
    Minoxidil (twice a day)
    Nizoral 2% Twice a week
    Baby Shampoo the remaining 4/5 days of the week

    Previously took:
    1 x 1mg Merck Propecia
    Spiro 5% Cream

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    I've been considering using this. I think more people shoul research Revivogen before passing it off as an ordinary shampoo. There is actual scalp theraphy used. It has been said to be Fin. but for the scalp.

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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    I use Revivogen, and it does work for people with a full head of hair with minor thinning. I was using it every day for a few months and my hair got thicker, I added Proxiphen and started to slack off on Revivogen and my hair got worse. I know my hair got worse mostly from the adding of Proxiphen and it was a big shed. I then went back to Revivogen religiously and used only the Proxiphen sparingly and my shedding started to decrease alot. My hair does look healthier using it. I used it many years ago without taking Propecia and using minoxidil and my hair was thick and stable. It was only until I used the big 3 and stopped the Revivogen that my hair went downhill slightly just in the front and down the middle. My crown has been fine. Revivogen is supposedly to be effective even in the frontal region as well so maybe it was. For me, nizoral and minoxidil dried my hair out so maybe that is why I had some poor results because even with conditiners the places I thinned out the most were areas I applied the topicals. Revivogen has oils in it and even though it has alcohol and azealic acid, I think it is not as drying so I think that may give the hair a more cosmetically thicker look too.
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    Re: My Revivogen/Nizoral results so far... only 3 months in

    I think the stuff can work...I bought some and started using it for a couple of weeks...the problem is the stuff smells like ****! When I go to bed, the smell is so pervasive I can't fall asleep that easy....

    Why can't they do something about the smell???

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