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    Adding to Propecia and Rogaine?

    Hey all.... I've been using Propecia and Rogaine for many years, but my hair seems to be thinning again all of the sudden. I was thinking of adding to my regimen. Any suggestions? what has worked for you guys who are already taking those 2? Spiro? Revivogen? etc? Is it bad to add too much? With all the info out there, I have no idea what's what. People seem to use different things. I just don't know what to do.

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    Re: Adding to Propecia and Rogaine?

    Nizoral shampoo 2 or 3 times a week -1 or 2%, both work. You can also use the nano shampoo from dr Proctor (or the lite/cheaper version at babeskin) on the off nizoral days. That should give a nice hassle free boost to your regimine. Wait 6 months to see what happens before adding anything else.. It might be all you need, IMHO

    Also, you can go from propecia to Dutasteride 2 or 3 times per week. Have a look to the Dutasteride forum. A wealth of free and serious info there.

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    Re: Adding to Propecia and Rogaine?

    I've read about Dutasteride, but it seems like it's iffy and docs aren't necessarily prescribing it for hair loss.... unless i'm confusing it with something else. I did just buy this Revita and TRICOMIN shampoos and such.... any thoughts?

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    Re: Adding to Propecia and Rogaine?

    i am in a similar position, Kube8.

    i have been on Propecia for two years...i am adding minox foam..have been using Polysorbate 80 for a month. i am wanting to add something in...and am totally perplexed as to what!

    i thought about using Spectral DNC instead of Rogaine. It claims to work all over the head.

    i am also considering Revivogen.

    In fact...i am possibly down to these two products.

    The problem? i have not seen scientific backing on either products, let alone FDA approval. Their sites claim many things....but where are scientific results that i can see? i am going to contact each company and ask some frank questions. We will see what the results are.

    Ever read Dr. Rassman's Balding Blog? He is very suspicious of anything that isn't FDA approved. On the other hand, it is supposedly expensive and tedious for a product to get FDA approval. Nonetheless...if these products are what they claim (some claim 80% success with customers etc.) then shouldn't FDA approval be a priority?

    Then..there are the countless blogs of "i put (insert product here) in my regime and my hair has continually been falling out for months!". Yikes.

    That is partially why i decided on Polysorbate 80. It is cheap, completely harmless, and despite the Helsinki controversy, has some merit.

    So....Revivogen and Spectral are my options right now! Spectral because of their claim to grow hair all over the head...not just the crown. Revivogen because they have been around some time for a non FDA approved product.

    Now...the one non FDA approved Dr. Rassman is interested in is Procyanidin from apples. i am also considering this....but i went to their website that sells looks quite cheap..which always makes me a bit weary.

    That is my dilemna! If anyone wants to offer advice.....throw it in the can!

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    Re: Adding to Propecia and Rogaine?

    I used Spectral for 8 months and did not gain any new hair. On Rogaine I gained a whole lot of new hair... so I'm not personally a big fan of spectral.

    If you think you're losing hair again it may just be an anual shed.

    I would def use Rogaine Foam which for me is doing quite a good job.

    I also use topical spiro and it has gotten rid of that sore scalp tightness feeling completely.

    In other news you guys should look up the new BATMAN trailer it looks like the movie is gonna be amazing
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    Chemicals make my hair look tremendous!

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