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    Hair feels very weak and brittle...don't even want to touch.

    Hi folks I have been lurking around these forums for a couple of years but finally decided to post. I am 30 and have been slowly losing hair since I was 21. I am a pretty diffused NW2. I have been on the Fin and Xandrox combo for nearly 4 months or so. Still shed just as much as I did before the treatment but I have also started to notice that my hair (especially on the crown and hairline) feel REALLY weak and brittle. I don't even want to touch these areas let alone massage them with Minox/Spiro since I know that dozens of hairs will be disloged. I just cant ruffle my hair in these areas like I can at the back and side of my head. Is this a normal symptom of MPB or using Fin/Minox? I do have 2-3 days every month where my hair generally feel stronger and that's when I love to run my fingers through them. Has anyone else noticed this?
    What are your thoughts?
    Trying hard, but failing again and again....does this ever end, cause I am getting frustrated.

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    Sorry to hear about your trouble.

    I'm not over-familiar with the side-effects of treatments but one thing I would say is to not worry about touching yor hair because unless you're rubbing hit really really heavily this won't impact your hairloss situation.

    If the hairs were gonna fall out, they were going to regardless of whether you touched them or not.

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