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Thread: au help please

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    au help please

    This is my 1st time here i hate au and need some treatment ideas started injections but the hair grows stays a bit then is gone anyone have ideas since the hair does seem to grow a bit ?? thank-you!!
    cheryl j

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    Hi Cheryl,

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope your treatments go well.

    Here is some more information on AU ... rsalis.htm

    I'm sorry I cannot answer your question about treatments very well, as I unfortunately do not know too much about AA, AT or AU.

    Maybe HLT can help ya answer.

    Have you tried finding a support group?

    Try this MSN support group, there are several members who post there who have AU

    and of course, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation:

    Good luck and please drop by again to let us know how you are doing!

    Take care, happy holidays


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    hi i think you have to use oral streoids and i suggest dexamethasone for less recurrens see your doctor it is an effective treatment for alopecia universalis

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    I proby should post more on these forums than I do trying to find a haircovering.

    There is hope to look and feel better when living with AT/AU.

    There is much support and education , the sad part is it is scattered and not easily at ones finger tips. Not given to you when you are dignosed at your physcians. is a great learning site for any form of baldness on a medical site

    http://www.naaf is a non profit but in my experience I have recived very little help or information on living with baldness. They promote finding a cure and have conferences, I have never been to one. So I am not sure what they offer and you have to pay to be part of the board forum. Go figure.

    http://www.heralopecia is a great womens site and support group

    you can do a google search and find tons of medical information, wig compaines and more permeant type of hairpieces.

    What you dont find is which company and what options you have when it comes to haircoverings, You do get offered differnt meds to experiment with with. But not haircoverings, You are told find a wig shop.

    Haircoverings have come a long way. I have been bald for 25 years so most of my wearing wigs has come from wearing just a standard wefted mono based type cap with synthetic hair and human hair. They are hot, itchy, uncomfortable, they slip and slide on your head and one size fits all. They do limit you in life and activites. The price can range from 25 and up to the 1000s.

    Most of anything I ever found other than wefted wigs was way out of my price range. Until a few years ago I got stupid and paid 3900 just to have hair.

    But what I have learned is we have options on having natural haircoverings other than wefted wigs . We have options at having all lace bonded pieces and full closeure caps at affordable prices. That allow us to look and feel normal and comfortable, allowing us to shower, sleep , swim and enjoy all activies in life without fear of losing our wig or being noticed.

    The thing we find though is pieces that cost 500 to 2000s of dollars and If you are like me I cant afford these systems. There are many good salons and hairclubs that offer monely maintance or salon type service. But you will pay dearly.

    HCM is a monthly service they are ok if u can afford these types of prices.
    Stay away from Farrell Salons.
    Yaffa is a company being thrown around but pricey also.
    toplace offers great prices probly the cheapest on toppers and full lace caps for bonding and good service and is an online company.

    I have been bonding for 4 years but am hoping to find more options in full closeure lace caps. I have no problems from bonding and have learned about bonding and hair pieces other than wefted wigs from a the board forum on toplaces site.

    I have also found permeant make up to be great for eyebrows and adding some color to eyes when u lose your eyelashes. Hope this helps there is hope and a better future than wefted wigs until we find a cure. Blessings Cin
    Hello, I'm Cindy....I to have story is attached with my web page....If I can be of any help to anyone please contact me by email ........We shall win this disease.....

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