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    Can minoxidil damage good hair?

    Just wondering if minoxidil has a bad effect of good hairs. I have been applying it in the temple area and good hairs have been disappearing and im getting just small non existent miniature hairs on the bald spots in the temple. At first i was applying the stuff only to slick spot but now i'm applying some on the actually beginning of the hair line because it gets on there anyway, can that damage those good hairs or is minoxidil just a beneficial drug in general?

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    Minox ... t=Abstract

    My Fronthairs with Minox Regaine 5%
    first attempt 11 Month Minox my Hair was destroyed
    i stop it in the next Month's the Hairs look better and more closely

    second attempt with Rogaine Foam my Hairs againe destroyed
    very fast thinner the hair looks ill out

    I have stoped Minoxidil is not for me

    I take all 2Days 0,25mg Dut and hope my Hairs come back


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    absolutely not

    CCS wrote: The only steroids I use I put on my dick. The androgenic ones and anti-estrogenic ones. It is healthier for my liver and probably my intestines not to eat it. And maybe my dick will get bigger or time, even if slowly. It should be a good absorption point there anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by H/B
    absolutely not
    Exactly. No such way.
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    Anyone have any opinions on that study posted earlier?

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    absolutely not??

    You mean Minox ist not bad for anyone?
    more DHT to the roots?


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    because of the increased blood supply? i dont know.

    thats why it would be best used with fin/dut i guess.
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    ok could have fooled me after the crap that has been happening to the front of my hairline

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    ABSOLUTELY CRAP STUFF. Minoxidil (excuse me for swearing)!

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    I understand where you are coming from. Greater blood supply to the hair folicle means they are also getting exposed to more DHT.

    I would say that Finasteride and Minoxidil is therefore a pretty effective combo. Remember some people respond and some people don't. Minoxidil would not have made it through FDA trials if it caused more bad than good.
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