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    id love to know somebody who could test pills

    ive still got some of the ones that made me sick

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    college tested dutas and avodart a while ago good man that he is.
    i think he said whatever was in them was at the same concentration.
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    Re: New Generic Dutasteride Available - Veltride

    Hi Guys

    I just received a consignment of Dutasteride. I placed the order through 'hair 2 go'. This company was recommended by a well-respected Dr Lee of Regrowth.

    Price for 90 capsules was USD130

    Have to say that first impressions of how the order was handled raised alarms:
    - They only sell the generic, Dutagen. Fair enough.
    - I received a package that stated Veltride but the tablet packaging is printed Dutasteride, not Veltride.
    - The name of the company on this tablet packaging is 'GENOLOSS'
    - The name on the (badly, badly photocopied) customs declaration sheet is 'Medicine4you Pharma Pvt. Ltd, 208, Hermes Atrium, Sector 11, Mumbai
    - So, yes, they were sent from India. Once again, fair enough.
    - The envelope that I received them in was badly hand-written. Hardly filled me with confidence (though it was registered mail) ...and surprised that it even made it here!
    - The capsules look radioactive! Bright orange. They look frightening!
    - I also placed an order, at the same time, for 'Silagra'. ;n). This was not in the package I received
    - I contacted their 'call centre'. They explained that any order over 90 capsules is sent in 2 separate mails to avoid customs rejection. I'll see if they arrive in the next couple of days.

    So ... will probably continue taking my Proscar (as I have for the last 5 years) and hedging my bets by also taking the medication that I've just received. If I get some adverse effects I know it will be due to the new stuff.

    Anyone else out there used the same website and/or received the same medication as described above? If so - any immediate comments?


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