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    topical flutamide?

    I just saw that their topical flutamide is going to be available at lipoxidil
    I read couple of studies and also some people were using it but had to stop due to terrible side effects but they all say it works!. Do you think that this flutamide that lipoxidil will be selling wil have no systematic absorbation or maybe so little that it wont have bad side effects? I think flutamide is something that works just like RU.

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    flutamide is 100% systemic because it is not a strong anti-androgen until it is metabolised into hydroxy-flutamide systemically. So intead of preventing the formation of DHT like fin does, it blocks testosterone and all other androgen receptors everywhere in the body equally. If it works on your hair, that means it is having effects everywhere else. Spiro is better because Spiro is an anti-androgen, but once it goes systemic is very quickly metabolised to a compound that is not an anti-androgen. You have to take oral spiro to get enough to over power the metabolism and get any systemic effects.
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