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    Chronic crotch rash with Alopecia Universalis

    :cry:To those few with this rare condition I am searching for information on abating chronic skin rashes in crotch area, running 8 to 10 inches down the outside of the thighs. Rashes on open areas are dry, very dry and only partially respond to chortozone ointment. Rashes in skin folds is ouzy and quite wet, responding to nothing I am aware of. Would like to discuss with other UA folks.
    Alopecia Universalis for 15 yrs. Interested in info on treatments and prognosis. Concerned about chronic crotch rash, particularly in skin folds.

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    Hi Monty -

    Welcome to our forums. Im so sorry to hear all that you are going through. That must be so difficult. Alopecia Universalis for 15 years! To those who aren't clear on the Latin, that means she has lost all her body hair, completely, 15 years ago.

    Monty I am sure you know already that this condition is still a mystery to doctors and researchers alike. We will do as much as we can to help you through it and be there for you. We will announce any new potential treatments for AU sufferers that we hear of in the pipeline, and we hope that we can be of assistance to you.

    As you probably already know, AU is a result of an overactive immune system. The rashes are a telltale sign of this very thing. I hate to ask something that may seem incredibly old news to you but have you tried the topical steroid creams that are used to suppress immune response?

    Also encourage you to register and log in (use links at top of page) when you post so we can follow your posts and progress more easily.


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    rashes etc.

    Hi Monty, I also have AU. I do not have the rashes that you describe, but I do get small patches (smaller than a dime) of psoriasis every now and then. My mom has psoriasis and I understand that it is also an auto immune disorder - we figure that that is the closest connection to AU in my immediate or extended family.

    I am not too up on how severe that skin condition gets, but maybe thats what you have? Has you derm ever suggested that? Perhaps I'm on the total wrong track there, but the treatment that Laura suggested is similar to the ones that my mom has tried. Maybe there may be some suggested relief/remedies for dealing with your rashes from that angle.

    Good luck!

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    You might want to try a cream that is used for Athletes foot.. Guys get what they call Jock Itch... it's I believe the same bug or whatever that causes Athletes foot and normaly treated with the same product.... Can't hurt to give it a try and it's a non perscription product.
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    Re: Chronic crotch rash with Alopecia Universalis

    I feel really dumb for replying to this now because this post is so old but I have seen this before large patches of dry almost scaly chafed skin on the inside of the thigh and oozy in the creases that can itch something fierce.

    I have something anyone reading this might want to try. Its called Phillips milk of magnesia not to sure of the spelling. Basically it is a I liquid ant-acid that dries to a powder you can get in almost any drug store pretty cheap. It seems to help dry out the ooze and also protect the dry skin from further irritation kind of like baby power. For any one with kids you can use it to for dipper rash I know it works great for that they use is on premature babies in the neonatal units. It keeps the area try and it also neutralizes any acid that contacts the area that would cause further irritation to it. Like when the baby wets him/her self or in this cause when you sweat and this one won’t burn.

    Also you can try the Dr. Sholes powder that you would put in your shoes for athletes foot but it has to be the powder to keep it dry that seems to treat the bacteria and the itch most likely I was told its burn a little though.

    Now ladies might like this one better then men but for some reason the Monistat cream for yeast infections helps a lot to when used in moderation, its more expensive but seems to work well when coupled with a powder to keep it dry most of the time. The oozy crease seem to be like some sort of a fungus infection similar to athletes foot or a yeast infection, but my over all recommendation would be to see a dermatologist.

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    Re: Chronic crotch rash with Alopecia Universalis

    try a cream that is used for Athletes foot

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    Re: Chronic crotch rash with Alopecia Universalis

    Quote Originally Posted by bleeding_hatred
    Phillips milk of magnesia
    I'm acquainted with this suspension, but i know that this product is not recommended for chronic use, since it could produce too harsh of a laxative effect. Usage should last no cell phone spy longer than one week.

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