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    time to buzz? hairline help! rogaine? (pic)

    well my hair daily is looking worse and worse.. while no one says anything.. i know people have noticed that my hair is horrible, especially for my age.

    what should i do? is it at the point where i should buzz it down? damn my huge melon of a head and oily skin.. ..

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    Looks better than my hair...I'm not sure why you would want to buzz it? I dont even see any spots of thinning...maybe a better picture would help

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    I'd say buzz it down to 1/4 inch before it gets really bad. Your front is thinning in that classic triangle and it's better to buzz it down because you'll be happier and it will be much easier to apply topicals.

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    Jeffsss. get on rogaine but stay on fin. you have just the kind of thinning that could respond well to it. Minoxidil alone could in the least halt further loss for 5 years.

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    Oh ok now I see...Dude I have that same thinning in the front, and some more on the sides so I think I'm slightly worse seems like your putting gel in your hair, try leaving it dry and combed slightly downwards and it wont be THAT noticeable...of course there is nothing wrong with buzzing

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    you want to know whats annoying about you Jeffss? You complain and complain. You insist youre losing so much hair, but you purposely post the most flattering pictures of your hairline all the while asking us for honest advice. Be honest with yourself. I dont doubt you that your hair looks bad in the front..then go take some shots of it in a lighting that doesnt look like it was perfectly placed like a hair transplant surgeon would do.
    its annoying already. Take it in sunlight or adjust the flash. but if youre going to come on here asking people to look at your pics and give u an answer, then be honest with yourself and them and show us what you look like in a normal setting with normal light, not optimal settings like u keep doing.

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    I can't see his temple hair, which would indicate recession, but at this close angle, it could just be hidden. There is some tiny thinning maybe.

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    What the f is a 'classic triangle'?!

    And 'buzzing' it doesn't have to be done BECAUSE your hair is thinning, you can do it and see if it looks better like that than it does longer.

    Btw, I'm not saying that your hairs thinning.

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    you may just have a naturally high hairline. it's hard to see the temples but i don't really see any recession. has your hairline always been that high?

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    I dont know what you guys are talking about but it looks like he has clearly lost hair and thinned out in the middle in the front. Just because its not completely bald doesnt mean hair was not lost, it looks pretty clear to me. Unless your hair looked that thin as a teenager at like 16 years old then you have lost hair.

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