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    Dr Gho in the Netherlands

    Hi there,

    I was wondering what others thought about the technique that Dr Gho from the Netherland uses.

    What I found most interesting is that he claims that the hair at the donor site would grow back with this technique. scars.

    Does anyone have any comments on this or has used or heard of this doctor or any others that use this techinque? Although hair multiplication is not available yet, perhaps taking existing hair from the donor site and then the donor site hair would grow back again could be a good alternative solution in the mean time. And.... if you continue doing this after a number of treatments would this not give you sort of the same solution as hair multiplication since the donor site would continue to grow back again? If it really works this way...then this could perhaps be a solution while we are all waiting for Hair Multiplication to come into the market place. What do you all think??

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    About a year ago on this site, a poster named DJGuy posted rave reviews of the Gho method based on his recent treatment at the Gho clinic. DJGuy's posts were quickly bashed by several people who claimed Gho was a fraud that that other Gho treatment recipients had NO re-growth in the donor area. Neither DJGuy nor his skeptics had any 'proof' to their claims in that no studies were cited, or in the case of the skeptics, no other Gho treatment recipients came forward to say whether or not Gho's treatment worked as advertised. While I'm not saying DJGuy had success with his treatment (ironcally he didn't post any more on this site after the bashings of his posts), I'm not saying the skeptics were right either (saying "Gho is a fraud" without citing studies coupled with no other Gho treatment participants coming forward to speak of their experiences (positive or negative) holds as much credibility as saying "Nizoral gave me cancer").

    So in an attempt to get CREDIBLE feedback on the effectiveness, reliability of the Gho method:

    Anyone here who has had Gho treatment please post your experiences, positive or negative, emphasizing whether or not hair re-grew in the donor area and likewise with the transplanted hair. Any studies proving/disproving Gho's technique are also welcome. It's ironic... all this talk about HM, topical treatments, etc. but not much noise about Gho despite somewhat credible advertising and exposure (article published in British Journal of Dermatology, ISO standard certification for the Gho technic, multiple Gho clinics in different countries, etc.).

    Anyways, hopefully there will be some bites on this thread to provide more insight and remove the mystery.

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    Well, looks like no one bit.... which forced me to do a little of my own research into the matter. Still no 'credible' evidence one way or the other, but some interesting updates:

    1. Gho left the Gho clinic in Jan. 2005 due to differences in vision and philosophy with the management of the clinic. Interesting that since that time the clinic has kept HIS name, and advertised HIS method ("Gho method", also referred to as Follicular Multiplication or FM) despite the falling out and subsequent departure of Gho. Gho and about half the staff from the original Gho clinic left and started a new venture called The Hair Science Institute (HSI).

    2. HSI supposedly offers a new hair transplantation technique that is SUPERIOR to FM. The technique is called Hair Stem Cell Transplantation and compared to FM it is painless, leaves no scars, heals skin/wounds in 1-2 days (vs. 3-7 with FM), and REGROWS 80% of DONOR HAIR (vs. 50% with FM). Again, this is per HSI.

    3. I contacted HSI this week for more info and was sent the following reply:

    "Thank you very much for your interest in the new improved method of hair transplantation, HairStemcell Transplantation®.

    With HairStemcell Transplantation® we use a needle of 0.5 up to 0.6 mm to extract only a minimal piece of tissue. The tissue contains a very small part of the hair stem cells, but sufficient to produce a new hair. Therefore, we leave far more tissue behind in the donor area compared to the other techniques like Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Multiplication.

    In previous (fundamental as well as clinical) studies doctor Coen Gho revealed that the whole follicle is not needed to regenerate hair growth. If a portion of the follicle remains in the donor area, it can regenerate a new hair, even when a part of the follicle is removed. The part, which has been removed, will also produce a hair when transplanted into the recipient area. So, one hair follicle is able to produce more hairs.

    Our specially developed instruments and experience of our staff makes it possible to put this knowledge into practice.

    The rate of multiplication is therefore higher compared to the other techniques. Because with the other techniques, frequently, too much follicular tissue is extracted from the donor area, so only the graft will generate a new hair.

    Therefore, with this technique, we can preserve more donor area compared to the other techniques.

    Other advantages are faster and better wound healing and we are able to create a higher density.

    You can find additional information on our website:

    I hope that I have given you sufficient information; however, if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us,

    Yours sincerely,

    Hair Science Institute Amsterdam

    Coen Gho, MD
    (other physician/technicians also listed)"

    Clearly some interesting information. If HSI's claims are true I see no reason why this wouldn't be the transplantation technique everyone should want to hold them over until HM comes around. The problem is, there's hardly anyone here who posts about Gho... let alone by people who have actually had the Gho treatment (and its new, better version offered by HSI). It's easy to be skeptical of the claims, but just as puzzling is why no Gho patients have come forward citing their experiences... positive or negative.

    I'll throw it out there again for any bites... positive or negative (and credible) feedback welcome. Hopefully this time someone will pick up the thread and keep it going...

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    Im one of those people who followed Gho a little when he was making claims about his procedure in the late nineties. He got some initial success on patients, but found that his technique didnt work well with everyone he tried it on. Some failed miserably. As we find where the stem cells migrate from at the end of the resting phase to begin making a big new anagen follicle, we will find the stem cells necessary for re-enlargement of the follicle (and hence where to cut the damn thing).

    Gho's "failure" was not seeing just how complicated the different stem cell populations in the follicle are. Some migrate down from the anterior cruciate muscle, some from the root sheath, some from the outer root sheath, to the bulb to make a NEW follicle. The "hair cycle clock" on hairs that "become" sensitive to male hormones over time, might be in some of these stem cells and gets passed to the papilla when in anagen. Who knows? Its practically certain that the Hair Cycle Clock is located in the parts of the follicle that remain in the shedding and resting phase.

    Anyway, on Gho's patients........there really proboably hasnt been that many of them. Considering that his HST teqnique can only move about 500 hairs a day, which is about 200 follicular units....................MANY surgeries would be needed to move 10-20,0000 hairs. But his is the only method that can give your donor area replacement. Since they have found the same donor area can be re-harvested later if one waits at least nine months..............Its the only "TRUE HAIR MULTIPLICATION" really available now.

    I posted this to show the guys that the precept of "multiplying" hairs has happened, and will continue to happen. That old strip scar from ear to ear in the back of your head is the last century's technology. Gho's method will be surpassed almost undoubtably by what ICX and Anderans is doing. Gho is now looking for a way to use machines to speed up what he does now (I dont see how in the world that will work to be honest). However, we ALL OWE COEN GHO a great debt. He's the first to push the precept of donor multiplication and to advance it. It no doubt was the catalyst for other entities to look into it.

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    it would be interesting to see some pictures, or first hand accounts of someone who tried this. i guess they aren't on this board though.
    if so, chime in.

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