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    Hormone Replacement

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    Women's hair loss -- Book to Read Before Considering HRT

    I saw this book on one of the chat boards (might have been this one) and just picked it up. It is *excellent* and every woman should read it before making their final decision about what type of hormone replacement therapy to use.

    What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PreMenopause -- Balance Your Hormones and Your Life from Thirty to Fifty. By John Lee, Jesse Hanley, Virginia Hopkins. You can find it on Amazon at: ... 23-2645659

    Best of luck!
    Current routine--

    * Appreciate all the blessings in my life
    * Treat myself with loving kindness
    * 2% Nizoral
    * T-Sal
    * 50 mg zinc
    * off BCP

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    Re: Hormone Replacement

    On the page about Folligen Tips for women there is this:
    "It may also slow or stop hair loss triggered by menopause. While hormone replacement therapy has been a controversial treatment for menopause, newer methods are finding overall reductions both in the risk of some cancers and in the risk of heart diseases."

    Can somebody tell me which newer methods are meant?

    Thanks in advance!

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