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    hair tapering off ? somebody explain

    i'm confused about the hair tapering theory...why is it bad if the hair you lose tapers of towards the tip again?..

    i would've thought if the hair tapers off towards the bulb or the root, that would've been bad?..since it would've indicated hinderance in growth.. or anagen effluvium.. but if the part towards the bulb is thicker, thAt is the part that grew last right ? and if thats healthy why would the other end tapering off at the tip of the hair matter at all? and why is it considered bad?..


    another stupid question..after starting fin..i got a bad shed from the very second week..i'm losing MOST of the hair from my back of my head?..and for the first time in 4 years that i've been shedding...its really thin and vellous type...from the BACK...i've never lost miniturized hair before, never even seen any fall..but the hair on my back seems extremely thin and weak since the past month now...i just saw the thinnest colourless hair fall for the first time(no thinning in hair quantity is visable) . my question is, there cant be any possibility of fin having an adverse effect of this sort right? it would take alot of time for hair to grow thinner through cycles of follicle miniturization....* i said..stupid!
    Diffuse thinning in NW5 area.
    Since Starting Fin , losing alot of hair from the back and Sides.

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    if you can see hair from the non-terminal end tapered off, then (depending on the length of your hair) that means its not been growing for long. hair typicallyy grows 1 cm a month. if the length of the hair in questions is over 30+ cm, i wouldnt be too worried; however, if the length is less than 10 cm, it indicates the hair hasnt been growing for long (ie stays in the anagen (growing) phase for a lot less time than normal healthy hair which should stay in anagen for 2-7 years). this means your hair is cycling quicker, becuase its under attack from dht.

    HOWEVER, you could just be shedding OR fin may be working for you and that a new healthier hair will replace the one you just shed.
    19 years old
    did you know that with 0.5mg of dut everyday, scalp testosterone levels increase by a whoppin 104%

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