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View Poll Results: Why Am I shedding so much?

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  • Stopping min for a month about 8 weeks ago!

    5 71.43%
  • Approaching month 9 of fin.. a fin shed perhaps?

    0 0%
  • Using too much hair-lightener?

    2 28.57%
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    arg! shedding again!

    help :-( every time I sneeze thousands of hairs fall out. Whats the most likely reason?

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    You should add to the poll options: using methamphetamines.

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    Forgive me, I forgot there are idiots on this forum.

    Caveat to forum: Only people with an IQ greater than 50 can vote

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    hes right- amphetamines really f**k your hair anyways guys the buzz might be awesome and you may not give a flying f**k when youre zooming, but it will definitely help you make your hair loss worse--it isnt exactly healthy and boy does it deplete your body of vitamins and totally take your appetite away. Your loss of appetite and depleted body deprive of you of the much needed nutrients for your hair and much more important aspects of your body (like your prostate,your heart, and so on) and life in general. Youre not hungry, you dont eat, and your body has gone through a roller coaster, a false feeling of energy. When I was in college I used to take diet pills and sinus medicine(ephedrine/ephedra/pseudoephedrine/norepinephrine) among other things to help me study or party-and my hair reflected it.. The color job may make your hair look good temporarily but it will definitely cause (temporary) hair loss from breakage. Stopping your rogaine is being lazy and will definitely cause shedding. I know all of the above from experience, since then I've grown up. I know that if I wanna keep my hair I must continue to use minoxidil, cut down on the partying, and stop coloring or bleaching my hair. This poll is sort of ridiculous, since each one of us does or does not do something to our hair/body...u may use hair lighteners and speed...u may get lazy and stop your minoxidil-you may do all of the above ....whatever it is you know whats causing the increased shedding so stop!or start!its not more of one or the other...necessarily---well, in the long run, speed is definitely worse for your hair than using hair lighteners or stoppign your minoxidil for a short period-but veryone has thei individual experience

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    speed--> amphetamine sulphate

    Amphetamine sulphate=/=Metamphetamines (MDMA)

    MDMA or speed causing hairloss = wanking causing hairgrowth in the palm of your hand.

    Although I donīt want to discard it could cause some type of loss via diet disorders, lack of sleep... or this dangerous behaviors associated with a raving way of life.

    But I doubt VERY VERY much it could have any direct effect on hair.

    MDMA was widely used by psichiatrist during the sixties, before the absurd prohibition, for treating certain diseases such as anxiety and sociopathy, there were some studies about the drug, and hair-loss was not remotely mentioned in any.

    My thought after researching the topic, is that MDMA, like LSD, is a safe drug physiologically speaking.
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    dont be an "e" tard" aint healthy and methamphetamine is methamphetamine, not mdma-metheryldioxymethamphetamine!forgive my spelling

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    what the hell

    can we get off drugs please

    as far as i remember, using drugs was not one of the options i put on the poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by random
    what the hell

    can we get off drugs please

    as far as i remember, using drugs was not one of the options i put on the poll
    Yes, we know, and your poll blows. Add methamphetamines to the poll if you're using them.

    I worked with a woman at my old job who used them and she was balding. I think they're capable of many undesirable physiological effects, hair loss the least of them. Anyone who says LSD doesn't have physiological effects is probably on it. People have problems with LSD and speed long after ceasing use of them.

    So forgive me, I forgot there were meth-heads on this forum. Only people with IQ's of 80 or more can post polls.


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    WTF is this argument about?!?! What is with the drug talk out of thin air? You guys are tards.......


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