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    Coverup & Wig Options - What works best?

    Hi all,

    I'm a 26 year old female that's been suffering from hair thinning since I was 13. I'm sure most of you have been down the path that I have...seen so many doctors, tried many products with the same result = none. My hair is thin throughout (not thin in patches or spots) but yet, still full enough to use topical shade creams/pastes to disguise the loss. I currently use Dermatch and like it well enough...just hate the mess and application process. It fools everyone I know and looks totally natural, so I'm sticking with it.

    About three months ago, I gave birth to my first child. Of course, you read, hear, and are warned that the hormone side-effect to having a child is the loss of hair. I seem to be going through this...I'm shedding more than normal and have been noticing that my hair comes off more easily when I shower and brush. I don't have much to lose in the first place, so I'm starting to worry! Before it gets too extreme, I'm trying to find solutions NOW.

    Can anyone give me some honest opinions on some options you've tried/are trying for products? I'm looking for ANY way to help ease my hairloss problem - currently considering wigs/extensions, etc. What are the pros and cons? Is there any company that has developed a hair piece/program that looks, wears, and feels like normal hair? I'm so green at this and don't care to spend hundreds of dollars by trial and error (what I did when I started with topical solutions).

    I'm looking for something that STAYS PUT - swimming, running, sleeping, sweating, etc. and LOOKS NATURAL. Is there anything that exists or is it just wishful thinking at this point???

    Thanks to all who reply - MUCH appreciated!

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    Vacuum Wigs

    I have been wearing the vacuum wigs for the past 8-10 years. They are very expensive but I don't have to worry about my wig falling off anymore. I can carry on with activities and not worry about it falling off.

    I have had alopecia universalis for the past 23 years and have tried many different wig systems.

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    Re: Coverup & Wig Options - What works best?

    The vacume wigs are great, but they work best with the fully slick head. Not to good with those that are only suffering partialy.
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    Re: Coverup & Wig Options - What works best?

    i have complete hair loss and have to wear a wig and am also very active like you. The only wigs I can afford are not that great and don't stay on I am looking for one to also go in the water and such. Regular wigs do stay on when running because I wear mine 2 but with the water situation I'm in the same boat. Please let me know if you find any info!

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    Re: Coverup & Wig Options - What works best?

    hi guys

    A big NO to hair extensions! 2 things to remember about all types of extensions (clip-ins, microrings, keratin bonded etc) 1) you need hair to add hair. all extensions 'piggy back' onto your own hair. hair that is thin / weak will suffer when you place additional stress on roots with the added hair attached to it. 2) your hair immediately above the attachments need to be thick enough to cover the clips/microrings/bonds - if you can see the bonds then what's the point?

    Re vacuum wigs, brilliant invention, but as Toupmaster says, only for those who suffer complete hair loss (and they are really expensive!!)

    Re wigs worn during water activities, i do white water rafting and always wear my wigs

    What you need is either a lace wig with a silk base near the front and crown that is colour matched to your own scalp. As its lace its light and breathable, the lace is also matched to your scalp colour. when your wig gets soaked, the silk base is revealed looking like scalp - its is trully realistic.

    hope this helps

    Female hair loss sufferer since 1996 (androgenetic alopecia). Tried practically everything on market to treat and camouflage. Want to share my knowledge so you donít make the same expensive mistakes!

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