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Thread: Nourkrin

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    Has anyone tried 'Nourkrin' - a marine protein and mineral based supplement for hair loss.
    I've taken it for 3.5 months and have noticed a definate improvement in the condition, although I'm not losing any less.

    You are suppose to take it for 6 months to get the full benefit.

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    Re: Nourkrin

    I did, but I still lost hair. it certainly made my existing hair shiner. but it didn't help with regrowth or maintenance.

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    Re: Nourkrin

    I don't understand why you would expect a reduction in hair loss. The main Hair loss theories deal with androgens as the primary cause of AGA. Since Nourkin doesn't address androgens why would it be a successful treatment?.
    Unless it has some anti-inflammatory processes, it won't effect the process of AGA.
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    Re: Nourkrin

    I believe Nourkrin does address DHT in a "herbal" way. There are lots of posts in the forum about the benefits of various seeds, nuts, and Saw Palmetto. They aren't proven to be effective hair loss treatments.

    Saying that, I've been using vitamins and minerals for some time and my existing hair is definitely healthier. In that aspect Nourkrin can be a bonus.
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