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    Synthetic hair implants. Is it a good alternative?


    Could anyone who've had any experience or heard anything about this, give me some info on how good this works?

    I'm suffering from hairloss, and I've used Proscar for 3.5 months and my hair just keeps on thinning. Now I've come to the point where a nice haircut and good styling can't hide it anymore.
    Many years ago I had a teacher who got a implants with synthetic hair, and it looked great. He went from being almost bald to having really thick, natural blonde hair. However it was a while back, and I didn't care much about balding then, and didn't look to careful... so I'm still hesitant.

    Now, obvisouly I would prefer to get 3-4 hair transplants, but that would cost a fortune - money I don't have. (If I get one now, I've pretty much got to keep it up - as I definately will go bald somewhere in the future.)
    However, I can afford getting this synthetic hair stuff.
    I'm a student, and the next 5 years is definately the most important for me in terms of looks etc..

    How long will these synthetic hairs stay in?
    How long will it take before I need to do maintaining surgically?
    How is it effected by sunlight (compared to my other hair)?
    Does it really look natural with styling products like vax etc?
    Is it practical in terms of mixing static hair with growing hair?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I never heard of it, but IMHO, I would NOT do it, wouldnt even consider it....You only get one head.....If the procedure gets fked up, you have the rest of your life to remember.........and buy hats.......

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    No no no no no.

    There is a reason that this practice has been outlawed in the U.S. (among other countries). Your body will more likely than not reject foreign materials implanted into the scalp. The risks of this type of "butchering" include infection, scarring, extreme shock loss to the implanted area, etc. the list goes on and on.

    There are much better alternatives. You do not want to gamble with the one scalp that you have.
    Quote Originally Posted by hair_tomorrow
    ...going bald is not for the feint of heart.

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    D**m it, there went my last hope... :-(

    Are you absolutely sure this is so dangerous?
    Maybe the technique has been improved, if there was a lot of horrorstories in the start of this treatment?
    Norway (where I live) is just about the most conservative country there is in terms of medical procedures and drugs, and even Propecia isn't an approved drug here.
    This is the website for the company producing the hairs:

    It looks so great on paper. Single hair insertion. Test procedure with only 100 hairs first to see if there's any sign of allergic or other reactions.
    Even with an annual "tuneup", it would a great alternative.
    Sorry for asking the same question twice, but I had such great hopes for this...

    What other alternatives are you referring to? I've read about FUE transplants, but then I would have to travel to the other side of the world, and the asking price for this type of surgery is just outrageous. Probably because so few docters are doing it.

    My fear of hair transplants is that as my balding process continues I will need more and more treatments (which are very expensive). Not to say if hair transplants alone can give decent looking hair even when one has gone completely bald (at the top of one's head)?

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    All the advise is against these implants. It appears that this company may be taking all this into consideration, what is the annual maintenance cost, what happens when they are exposed to chemicals (swimming, tap water, air pollution etc.)

    You may find that HT is a comparable cost at $4-5 per graft over the next 10 years. Do your research, these things scare most of us!!!

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    Ok. I've read abit more about this, and the whole thing seems very fishy. I'll definately pass on biofibre. However, this doesn't leave me with a lot of options.
    Damn it, one should think that there was some way to get a decent head of hair in the year 2005...
    I do have very thick hair at the sides and the back of my head, so I guess I'm a prime candidate for hair transplants. However, I'm afraid it can be a quick fix, that'll end up being a nightmare further down the road as the hairloss continues..?
    Have anyone here used transplants and then gotten "naturally bald" and still being able to look decent with only transplants at the top of one's head?

    I've been taking finasterid for 3.5 months now, and it hasn't done ja** **** for me yet. I've gotten significantly thinner hair since I started, but I guess I can't stop now. I pretty much doubt the proscar is going to solve anything...

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    synthetic? Man!! Save yourself some money and just use fishing line. :lol:
    Just kidding man. Basically you would live with open wounds kind of like piercings. This would ultimately give enough shock to the hair around it to have shock loss. You would then lose all of your hair and when your piercings need to be re- connected so to speak, they will make more holes and more scar tissue. Basically a big zit. Your whole head. ops:
    I finally have hair after 12 years of loss

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    There is a picture of a guy who had synthetic fibers sewn in his head on New Hair Institutes homepage. The scars were unbelievebaly bad, like stretchmarks on his head. His body rejected the hairs and he had a huge mess. He was NW6 and the surgeouns did the best they could with his very limited donor hair after a HT. Man, please dont do this to yourself or at least look at NHI's website and see that pic for yourself.

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