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rogaine foam
Rogaine Foam and Minoxidil are one of the only FDA approved clinically proven hair loss treatments on the market today for women with thinning hair. This review covers the details on how and why it works.

Rogaine Foam Minoxidil Your doctor has probably already recommended it. And for good reason. Rogaine is the single most clinically proven treatment on the market for women with hair loss and thinning hair. But the Rogaine you may have heard about has gone the way of the dinosaur. Make way for the new generation of Rogaine: Rogaine Foam. Let's take a look at this new treatment for women, and find out why it should be the foundation of your treatment regimen.

Are you experiencing patchy or total hair loss? This treatment is not for you. Please review the Guide to the Alopecia's, here.

What is Rogaine Foam (Minoxidil)?

Rogaine, Rogaine Foam, and Minoxidil are all basically the same thing. Minoxidil is the ingredient in Rogaine. For many years the only version of Rogaine available was a liquid which was applied with an eyedropper. Unfortunately it contained Propylene Glycol which caused severe irritation and flaking in many Rogaine users. This not only adversely affected its effectiveness, but it made quite a few women quit the treatment altogether.

Rogaine addressed the issue with a revolutionary new technology and type of product: Rogaine Foam. It came out in 2007, and our members have not stopped raving since. The issue of irritation is completely over, the drying time cut to little or nothing, and the new FDA trials done on it show a higher success rate than Propecia, which until 2007 was the best performing treatment on the market.

Get Rogaine Foam

Who is Rogaine Foam (minoxidil) For?

Rogaine is for women with thinning hair of any cause. Unlike Revivogen, which can stop the cause of hair loss if you've been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia, Rogaine will help stimulate growth despite whatever is causing your loss. Rogaine is typically the foundational treatment for women experiencing any form of hair loss aside from patchy loss. The new foam is significantly more effective than the previous liquid, and causes no irritation. It dries quickly and was shown in recent FDA trials to be nearly 25% more effective than the liquid was. This product is highly recommended both by physicians and our members.

Rogaine and Other Treatments?

Absolutely! Remember, there are two types of treatments: Growth Stimulants and Antiandrogens. The former stimulates hair growth, and the latter stops the cause of hair loss. Examples of the former are Rogaine and Tricomin Therapy Spray, and they can be used together very nicely to both stimulate new hair growth. Examples of the latter are S5 Cream (topical spironolactone), and Revivogen. Both of these can be combined with Rogaine and work synergistically to accomplish your goals.

What about Rogaine for Women?

You're probably wondering why we haven't made mention of Rogaine for women here. The primary reason is lack of effectiveness. Rogaine for Women is basically a 2% solution of Minoxidil, and its also only available in the old school liquid form. Rogaine for Men and Rogaine Foam are available in a 5% solution. It really comes down to the data. In clinical trials the 2% worked in barely 42% of individuals, whereas the 5% liquid worked in 64% of individuals, and the new foam 5% has been shown to work in nearly 85% of individuals. That's a huge jump, and makes the 2% liquid basically obsolete. Women have traditionally used the 2% out of concern of unwanted peach fuzz growth in the sideburns area or arms. This typically isn't a problem, and always disappears if you discontinued treatment.

Rogaine Side Effects - Will I Grow a Beard?

No. While it is true that the 2% liquid has a lower incidence of unwanted peach fuzz in women, the vast majority of women have absolutely no problems with unwanted hair using the foam. Even if it were to occur, it does not just appear overnight, it does not appear in quantities noticeable to others, and it immediately goes away upon cessation of treatment. So please do not avoid using this treatment out of concern for something that probably will never happen.

Rogaine for Women - Liquid Form

We carry both of these alternative Rogaine for Women types here on

Tricomin Highlights
Rogaine for Women
Rogaine for Women Liquid - 1 Month

Rogaine also comes in a formula made specifically for women. It is fittingly called "Rogaine for Women". This formula is actually just the 2% solution which is found in the Men's 2% Rogaine as well. Unfortunately the 2% version (and therefore Rogaine for Women) only seems to work in about 46% of people. This is why many women use the 5% Rogaine Foam instead.
Rogaine for Women
Rogaine for Women Liquid - 3 Month

Rogaine also comes in a formula made specifically for women. The one pictured to the left is a 3 month supply. Many women prefer to use this 2% formula to kick start hair growth with even less chance of peach fuzz. This is an option if you experience unbearable facial hair using Rogaine Foam, which is completely reversible.

Shedding and Timeline - Set Your Expectations

Every legitimate hair loss treatment causes a period of shedding. If you start on Rogaine, Tricomin, or anything else that actually works, your hair will most likely go through a period where it gets thinner, before it gets thicker. Do not drop the treatment. Shedding is a sign that it works. When the follicle is being affected by something that benefits it, it shuts down the production of the current hair, and begins producing a new one. This is typically during the first three months on the treatment. When this happens in large quantities, it results in thinner hair from Month 1 to Month 3. This is normal. Expect it and ride it out, or you will never see success.

And when does success come? Typically it begins around month 6, and will top out at the 2 year mark. Its a slow process losing hair and its a slow process regaining it, but the stuff works, so get on it and get the process rolling today.

Rogaine Foam Minoxidil

Get Rogaine Foam
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treatment reviews studies Buy Rogaine Foam
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