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An exclusive interview between the HairLossTalk members and one of the creators of Revivogen, Dr. Alan Shargani of Advanced Skin and Hair, LLC.

Revivogen Shampoo Therapy The makers of Revivogen agreed to field questions from our members. This interview was conducted when Revivogen was fairly new to the scene, so there was a healthy dose of skepticism. Much respect is due to Dr. Shargani for putting himself out there to answer each and every question that was tossed his way regarding this natural DHT inhibiting treatment. We hope that the answers will convince you that Revivogen is scientifically backed treatment that's worth its weight in gold.

Revivogen FAQ

Can Revivogen be used in conjunction with Rogaine or other Minoxidil-containing topicals? As far as I know, the hair problem is NOT about hair loss, BUT about lack of hair growth. Why should I use my money on Revivogen if it only reduces hair loss rate to a normal level, and only a "smaller percentage" report regrowth? How long has Revivogen been around, and how successful has it been for those who have used it? Can it grow hair on the front as well as on the crown?
frontal thickness

Revivogen FAQ

Do I need a doctor's permission to obtain Revivogen? You stated that while a significant number of your users experienced a significant decrease of fallout and an increase in thickness, a smaller percentage of your users had reported visual growth of baby fine hairs throughout the scalp including the frontal area. How much is a "smaller percentage"? Have you seen any instances of "shedding" with Revivogen?
niacin effectiveness

Revivogen FAQ

Your product contains Niacin which stimulates blood flow and hence leads to temporary redness where applied. Would this be overtly noticeable if it were applied during the day in the workplace? Does your research indicate how much the Revivogen Shampoo contributes to the product's effectiveness? Do you have any proof of which type(s) of 5 alpha reductase (type 1 or type 2, or both) are inhibited by the fatty acids in your product?
dht suppression

Revivogen FAQ

Do you have any proof of which type(s) of 5 Alpha Reductase (type 1 or type 2, or both) are inhibited by the Azelaic Acid in your product? Has it been tested on human subjects to determine if it's non-irritating? Has it been tested on human subjects to determine its level of DHT suppression? What results could a typical responder expect vs. those of an "ideal" responder, like those in the photographs you have published from your preliminary trials?
propecia minoxidil

Revivogen FAQ

Propecia protects the hair follicle. Minoxidil only forces the dying follicle to keep producing hair. The end result on Propecia is a healthy follicle. The end result on Minoxidil is a dying follicle on life-support. On which side of the fence does Revivogen fall? Is it simply coercing the follicle into activity, or is it actually protecting the follicle from further damage? Ingredients used topically do get absorbed into the bloodstream, don't they? Even though the product is natural, could the product still cause unwanted side effects like pain in the testicles, enlarged breasts or any other unwanted side effects?

Revivogen FAQ

You recommend applying Revivogen once daily. Is this sufficient to cause maximum beneficial effects? Creating a topical DHT inhibitor implies that you don't feel that blood levels of DHT are significant in balding. Is this an accurate statement on your position? Can you disclose the concentrations of ingredients in your products? Was your product scrutinized under independent clinical trials, and if so, what were the results? Can we speak to people who had success on Revivogen?

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revivogen faq
treatment reviews studies Buy Revivogen Online
Interview FAQ
The Horses Mouth:
A VERY informative interview about Revivogen with the creators. Don't miss this FAQ.
READ THE INTERVIEW Shargani Interview
Revivogen Before and After Photos
View Before and after photos of Revivogen users.
before pictures after pictures
after pictures before pictures
Studies Clinical Trials
2008 Study of Revivogen's Effectiveness The first complete study done on Revivogen itself. Completed in 2008, this proves its effectiveness.

revivogen's effectiveness
Y-Linolenic & Fatty Acid inhibitors of 5AR (DHT) Study to determine if topical application of Fatty Acids found in this product can inhibit DHT

dht inhibitor
Aliphatic Unsaturated Fatty Acid 5AR (DHT) Inhibition A second study done on the ingredients in the Scalp Therapy for DHT inhibition

Gamma Linolenic Acid
Aliphatic Fatty Acid 5AR (DHT) Inhibition (Study II) A third study focused on Aliphatic Fatty acids found in the Scalp Therapy and their effect on DHT inhibition.

Alpha Linolenic Acid
You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files Azelaic Acid

For more studies
Visit our Resource Library

Saw Palmetto

¤ Procyanidin Oligomers
¤ Gamma Linolenic Acid
¤ Alpha Linolenic Acid
¤ Azelaic Acid
¤ Vitamin B6
¤ Zinc
¤ Saw Palmetto

To view a more in-depth analysis of the ingredients in Revivogen, please
Click Here

treatment reviews studies Buy Revivogen Online
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