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lasercomb reviews
laser comb hair loss
low light laser therapy
Laser Comb by HairMax Lasercomb - find out if it really works, read the studies, see the pictures and get user feedback.

Hairmax Laser Comb

Right out of the future... a hair brush that emits low level laser beams to heal skin and gently stimulate hair growth. Providing noticeably improved appearance of thinning hair, increased density, and a healthier scalp.

Usually thousands of dollars in salons, this high tech device is now available in a take-home hand-held unit.

Are you female? This review is for men, please read our review on Laser Comb for Women, here.

What is the Lasercomb?

Unlike laser hair treatments available in Men and Women's Salons for literally thousands more, this is a hand held device available at a one-time expense that will last you years. It emits a gentle red light onto your scalp, stimulating new hair growth. It was developed in Sydney Australia and highlighted by TIME Magazine as one of the "Inventions of the Year", and it is manufactured in the USA with patents pending in 104 countries. At this time the Laser Comb is the first and only medical device clinically proven to treat male pattern baldness. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other hair loss treatments.

Get Lasercomb Online

Who is the Lasercomb (Laser Comb) for?

This product is for men who are experiencing diffusely thinning hair, development of a bald spot, or hair that has become unmanageable or unhealthy. Within the first 5 to 10 weeks, you should notice improvements in your hair. These improvements should include a shinier and thicker appearance. Over the next few months, you may notice your hair gradually looking fuller, stronger and denser. This product is ideal for use with any proven treatment regimen including Propecia, Rogaine, Tricomin, Topical Spironolactone, or Revivogen.

How does the Lasercomb work?

The HairMax LaserComb is an "Anagen Inductor". This means it causes hairs to transfer into their growth cycle, much like Tricomin and Rogaine Foam do. It does this by utilizing something called Photo-BioStimulation, which increases vascular circulation and ATP production.

Laser Comb FDA Study Data

HairLossTalk puts serious emphasis on clinical data. We do not promote products that don't have scientific backing to them. The Lasercomb was granted status as a clinically proven hair loss treatment method, by the FDA in 2007. We have presented both the initial trial data submitted to the FDA, and the final clearance letter from the FDA on the right sidebar of this page.

Lasercomb Videos

Directions for Using the Laser Comb

The LaserComb is used 2-3 times per week for 5-10 minutes per session.


What do you get?

The laser comb comes in three models, suitable for all budgets:

» Advanced 7 (least expensive)
» Lux 9 (mid-range)
» Professional 12 (high end model)

The significant difference between the models is the width of the light applied on each pass-through.

The wider comb requires a shorter treatment time as it covers more area more quickly.

The mid and upper range models come with the larger combs, longer lasting lithium ion batteries and worldwide travel adapters.

All three models come with attractive carrying cases, a convenient charging cradle, and helpful user manuals.

Lasercomb Side Effects

There are no reported side effects.

This product is available in our product center. You may click the button below to inquire about purchasing.

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Low Level Therapy
treatment reviews studies Buy Lasercomb
Studies and Clinical Trials
Study: Hair Regrowth Using the HairMax LaserComb Study to confirm the efficacy of low level laser therapy to stimulate hair growth and improve tensile strength of hair.

Laser Comb Studies
Request for FDA Approval of Lasercomb Application submitted to the FDA by lasercomb reps requesting consideration for FDA approval as a hair growth device.

Laser Comb Studies
Study backing the Request for FDA approval Summary of the study submitted to the FDA justifying the lasercomb as a legitimate hair growth device

Laser Comb Studies
Laser comb FDA Approval Letter The official letter sent from the FDA to approve the Lasercomb as a hair growth device.

Laser Comb Studies
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For more studies
Visit our Resource Library

treatment reviews studies Buy Hairmax Comb
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